ADS Review – Excellent Customer Service Provider?

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Searching for a home security provider could be as difficult as looking for that needle in the haystack. Why? It’s because having a home security system that provides excellent customer service, cheap rates, reliable equipment, and overall trustworthiness is just simply impossible.

We’ll be diving into the ADS territory today and see how it has made its game over the years.

ADS Security’s History and Reputation

ADS Security was founded in 1990 with its central operations in Nashville, TN. It is currently named as America’s 25th leading security system by SDM. It offers a wide variety of equipment by Honeywell and 2GIG tech which ensures that it keeps up with technological advancements.

It provides a stable and strong service network which handles only 8 states. These are Alabama, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi.

The company provides home security at a very expensive rate. On top of that, it also generates high upfront costs due to the pricing of the equipment being sold. However, it has received stellar ratings and reviews over the years regarding the service provided.

ADS Security is a BBB accredited company with a current rating of A+. It has good reviews amounting up to 75% of its overall review score.

Though it may have a history of good reviews, there are ADS Smart Security complaints piling up as well. Most of the complaints are regarding the use of outdated equipment and confusion regarding contract length.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlansSmart Security EssentialsSmart Security InteractiveSmart Security Complete
Install & ActivateStart at $199
Monthly Fees$42.95$49.95$59.95
FeaturesTouchscreen Keypad

Remote Arm/Disarm

Mobile App Access

Text/Email Alerts

$300 equipment credit

Essentials +

Light, lock and thermostat automation

Garage & appliance automation

Environmental Monitoring

Interactive +

Remote Video (Live and Playback)

Unfortunately, ADS does not provide any information about the warranties served on the equipment. As for now, we can advise you that the only warranty you can expect is the 1 to 2-year factory warranty provided by the manufacturer.

ADS provides a lifetime satisfaction guarantee though for its service or it is willing to waive cancellation fees when you aren’t satisfied or if it wasn’t able to address your service concerns.

So far there have been no complaints regarding the fluctuation of monthly fees. We can confidently say that the monthly monitoring fee disclosed on the contract will stay the same unless you order to upgrade or have additional services.

There are many add-ons that you can choose from to go along with the security system that you already have. However, due to the website’s poor transparency, individual pricing would need to be brought up with customer service.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you move frequently, you can cross ADS off your list. It has a lengthy 60-month contract and limited coverage area. If it doesn’t serve your new home then cancellation is the only way to go.

It has good customer service and tech support. So if you have any issues with the system, you can give the centers a call for assistance.

Make sure to have more than enough credit on your account. You will need it due to the high upfront costs you’ll be facing.

Always double check the equipment provided to you. Make sure that every piece is operational to avoid any recurring service calls. It may cost you more to replace items as they are not transparent with the warranty information.

Read your contract and be vigilant. Some customers have no idea about the length of the contract they sign and this gives the company the chance to auto-renew the agreement.

For every successful referral you have with ADS, it will reward you $50. Once you reach the 7th successful referral, you’ll be rewarded with free monthly monitoring services. FOREVER.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Currently, ADS Security does not provide any information regarding returns and zero-fee cancellation. If you choose to sign up with ADS, you would need to double check with customer service if it provides free cancellation windows.

ADS Security provides that your monitoring purchase will be as short as 2 years up to the maximum length of a 5-year contract. If you have any plans on canceling the service before the end of your contract, you would need to pay the remaining balance of the agreement up front. That is very expensive depending on how long it would be before the end of the contract.

It provides 2 options for the customer who will be moving houses. If you have been a customer of ADS for more than a year, as long as the area is still within its coverage, the FRESH START package would be available at your disposal. This package will provide you a new security system for free along with a new 36-month contract. The monthly fee will still stay the same.

If you would like to bring the equipment with you to your new home, that would also be possible. As long as the house is within the service area, ADS will reactivate your system and collect your new address and contact information.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to have someone take over your account. It does not provide any information of this kind of offer. If you choose to discontinue the service, you would need to submit a Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice and pay for the remaining balance.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Good ADS Home Security reviews
  • Reputable customer service and tech support
  • A+ rating in BBB
  • Variety of equipment and manufacturers
  • Options when it comes to moving homes
  • $300 equipment credit
  • $50 for every referral you make and free lifetime service after the 7th referral


  • Poor pricing transparency
  • No free cancellation window
  • No warranty information
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Auto-renew policy
  • Selling outdated equipment
  • Limited coverage area/service locations
  • No transfer to third-party policy
  • Poor contract transparency

Now that you have all the information that you need, you may want to look for other service providers for comparison.

ADS is one of the good runners in the industry. If not for the limited coverage and poor information transparency, it could even reach and beat most of the top players.

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