My Alarm Center Review – A Credible Provider?

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When it comes to researching for the possible security systems that you would be installing, you would really like to see reasonable pricing from just one company. Having too many links from different companies just confuse people and waste precious time.

We’ll be discussing My Alarm Center and checking out how it has been progressing over the years.

My Alarm Center’s History and Reputation

My Alarm Center has been around since 2001 and is currently being given the spotlight as one of this generation’s top security provider. It has been innovating its technology along with the monitoring services that it provides.

It has affiliated itself with AMSA, Scan Security, Hawk Security Service, and LivSecure.

Currently, My Alarm Center only services 40 states. It seems to have a weak service connection since most of the complaints are regarding connection issues.

It is also known for having expensive monthly monitoring fees. Though it has options for you to acquire a system for free, this will still have you locked into a lengthy contract. If you choose to purchase the system yourself, you may end up having high expenses.

My Alarm Center has been BBB accredited since 2013. It has gathered a total rating of A+ with a few complaints. Most of the My Alarm Center Security System reviews are towards billing and connection failures. These complaints build up to 94% negative customer reviews.

Plan Pricing and Services

My Alarm Packages




Myhome Premier

Install and Activate


Monthly Fees





Best-in-class monitoring,

Monitored fire & CO detection,

Wireless alarm sensors for less intrusive installation,

Keypad, door/window sensors, and keyfobs

MyEssential + View event history,

Remotely manage keypad codes, Event text alerts, Remote arm/disarm,

Remote lock/unlock, Remote thermostat control & scheduling,

Remote light control & scheduling, Smart scheduling

MyHome +Live streaming video,

Motion-triggered recordings, Tamper-proof offsite video storage,

Searchable video library, Video alerts,

Text/email motion alerts with images




Livessential +


Install & Activate


Monthly Fees





Control Panel, Motion Sensor

3 Door & Window Sensors

1 Smoke/CO Detector, 1 Arm/Disarm Key Fob

1 Yard Sign & (2) Window Decals

LivEssential +

Wireless Security Camera

Video Monitoring

LivEssential + 1 Thermostat for smarter temperature control

1 Smart Socket Plug-In to control any device

Wireless Security Camera, Video Monitoring

For the My Alarm Center Packages, upfront fees have not been disclosed since the site lacks pricing transparency. On the other hand, LivSecure is offered as a self-install system wherein you get $1000 worth of equipment and will only need to pay the activation fee. The packages come with the installation manual.

It does not provide any information regarding lifetime or extended limited warranties. At this rate, it is safe to assume that you will only be following the manufacturer’s warranty. That usually takes around a year to 2-year effectivity of the warranty.

The monthly fees will stay the same until you decide to upgrade or have additional monitoring services.

There are many items that you can add on to the original plan, however, the price list of these items are not available on the website. You would need to contact My Alarm Center in order to get prices.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you move a lot, we suggest taking a look at other systems because My Alarm Center only services 40 states.

It is not really transparent when it comes to the pricing and policy. Beware of signing the contract. My Alarm Center does not provide info about the length of the contract either.

Just like other security providers, My Alarm Center has very persistent salesmen who constantly knock on your doors, telling you the most beautiful phrases just to have you sign a new contract. Be Firm and say NO.

It auto-renews your contract. Make sure you are aware of the end date written in your contract so that you can cancel it when you wish to end its services.

This system is wireless. You can definitely take it with you when you move to a new home. Just make sure that it services the new area.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Like most companies out there, My Alarm Center requires customers to provide a Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice. Once you have submitted this, billing will provide you a final invoice explaining that you would have to pay the remaining balance of the contract.

Unfortunately, due to poor transparency, My Alarm Center does not provide any information on canceling the contract without any fee. You better choose wisely!

Moving your security system from home to home is easy with My Alarm Center. There will be no fees involved in moving the system and having it reactivated. However, some fees or extra charges may arise if you choose to purchase additional products.

Transferring your account to the new homeowner? That is also available with My Alarm Center and a $100 voucher is waiting for you! Since you have decided on moving out and just leaving the system where it is, the next homeowner can actually take over the account as long as they have credit scores eligible for the contract.

My Alarm Center will reward you with a $100 credit voucher for providing it with another customer. This voucher can be used towards your monthly fee or even any additional product.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Variety of packages
  • Has many affiliate businesses
  • 24/7 Home Monitoring
  • Quick Customer Service Response
  • Wireless Systems
  • $100 reward for endorsing it to new customers


  • Poor Online Transparency
  • Possibly high upfront fees
  • Intermittent Cellular Connection
  • Auto-renewal of your contract
  • Expensive Cancellation Fees

This is all of the information that we were able to collate for you. Talk about turning the website and the internet inside out!

It’s very hard to determine the reliability of a security service if it doesn’t really roll out all of its information. That should be one of the things you need to consider in finding the right provider.

Overall, if it was not for the consistent complaints about cellular connectivity issues, we would probably recommend this, but then again, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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