Alarm Grid Review – New, But Awesome?

Alarm Grid Review

After shopping around and reading so many reviews, we figured that you may have just lost all hope to find the best home security provider. How do we know? We’ve been researching on all the alarm systems and monitoring services available nationwide for you! From problems about cancellation, horrible customer service, terrible equipment, you name it, we’ve read it!

Alarm Grid Security System reviews have made all of our days better than most. Read further to know why!

Alarm Grid’s History and Reputation

Alarm Grid was established back in 2012 and has been operating its Central Monitoring Station in Florida. It is partnered with different home security brands, making sure that it would be considered as one of the leaders (if not the leader) in the industry.

Partnering with Honeywell, Verizon, 2GIG, and many others have always helped it keep up with new technology and advancements in the security industry.

Since partnering up with Criticom to monitor the systems provided, it has built a very strong service network nationwide proving that its connections never fail. Not one customer has ever made any complaints about it!

We all know that the upfront prices are high, but don’t worry! They are worth the prices you pay, and the monitoring starts at $10 per month without the pesky contracts! That’s money saved straight away rather than having to spend $30 – $70 a month for 36 – 60 months!

Not to mention, Alarm Grid has such a beautiful BBB profile. BBB accredited since 2013, with a stellar A+ rating with 29 customer reviews – all positive!

Its company president, Sterling Donnelly, is a very active person on the social media platform. Not only does he answer your questions about the system, but he also stars in his own Youtube show (where he teaches you how to hook up the system and activate it.).

Plan Pricing and Services

With Alarm Grid, there are 2 types of monitoring which handles 4 packages each. Here are the packages for each type:

Central Station Monitoring
Install & ActivateFREE
Monthly Fees$15$25$35$45
Main FeaturesUL Listed Central Station

Phone or Internet Supervision

Bronze + Arm/Disarm via Phone & Web, Alerts, Remote Z-Wave controlSilver + Image SensorsGold + Video Surveillance
PlansSelf BronzeSelf SilverSelf GoldSelf Platinum
Install & ActivateFREE
Monthly Fees$10$15$25$35
Main FeaturesE-mail & Phone Alerts,

Internet Communication,

Arm / Disarm via Phone & Web

S. Bronze + Remote Z-Wave ControlS. Silver + Image SensorsS. Gold + Video Surveillance

Alarm Grid offers to extend the factory warranty on all its equipment by 1 month. Basically, that’s another 30 days after 1 or 2 years (depending on the manufacturer).

So far, no complaints regarding monthly fees have risen. This gives us the confidence to say that its monthly fees will stay the same and will not skyrocket on your next statement.

Upfront costs depend on the volume of equipment that you are planning to buy. There are pre-boxed kits available for around $500, and if you plan to get add-ons, the prices per item start at $24 depending on the brand and use.

Top Tips for Buyers

This company has excellent customer service. It is definitely one of the few companies that we recommend you sign up with.

No contracts, no hassle. If you would like to upgrade your system, no more signing another piece of paper. Alarm Grid is very easy to talk to, very reliable, and most of all super trustworthy.

It has a user-friendly web interface that can guide you through purchasing your alarm system, your monitoring, and your add-ons.

It may have high upfront costs but trust us, it is worth your money! The brands it caters to are known to have durable and long-lasting equipment.

Returns are possible to do under the extended warranty. You would just need to pay for the shipment of the return. Be aware that the shipping fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Since Alarm Grid highly promotes DIY even in monitoring, it does not lock you in any sort of contract. However, in order to fully cancel the service (which up to this point, we bet no one has done), you would need to give customer service a call 30 days prior to the next billing.

It also offers wireless systems wherein you can rally up the equipment and take it with you to the next house. You would need to contact Alarm Grid or log on to your personalized AG Account in order to update your new home and billing information. This is to update the dispatch service that the company will work with.

As of this time, no information regarding account transfer has been released. So if you have sold your house to someone who wants to keep the system, you would need to cancel your current contract and have the new owners open up their own AG account. They would also need to contact Alarm Grid to purchase monitoring. You can just sell them the equipment you have.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • No Contracts and cancellation fees
  • Inexpensive monthly costs
  • DIY installation
  • Variety in monitoring packages
  • A+ BBB reviews
  • All positive reviews all over the web
  • Excellent customer service and Company President
  • Online Transparency and overall trustworthy


  • No information regarding account transfer
  • Expensive upfront costs
  • No professional installation
  • Limited warranty

This is by far, the best company that we have made a review on. We encourage everyone to try out this alarm system (if it is fit for you) especially when you are very tech-savvy.

The only Alarm grid complaint that we have seen was only towards Honeywell’s news and traffic feature removal. It is really inspiring to see that its president strived his best to accommodate that customer’s complaint.

This ends our review of Alarm Grid. Search no more. We have found the one. We have our security Champion!

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