Alarm Monitoring Services Review – Affordability Over Quality?

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Save hundreds of dollars per year by coming over to the AMS side! This is just one of the promises made by Alarm Monitoring Services (AMS) if you say goodbye to your current provider and switch over to AMS.

But how well can AMS support your alarm monitoring system? Is the company as good with its performance as promised? Will you really be able to save hundreds of dollars just like the company claimed?

Let’s find out as we go through some relevant Company information through this Alarm Monitoring Services review.

Alarm Monitoring Services’ History and Reputation

With over three decades of existence, AMS has only one purpose – and that is to serve dealers by monitoring alarms well. AMS made it the company’s main focus to provide superior monitoring services to its clients.

In terms of technological advancement, AMS considers itself to be top-notch. This is because whenever you switch from your existing alarm monitoring service, you will then be monitored by its “state of the art, Triple Certified, UL-827, Intertek and Factory Mutual (FM) Monitoring Centers”.

With the company’s coverage not only in the whole of US but also in Canada, AMS claims to be the cheapest in the market with basic plans that start at $5.95 per month.

While not BBB accredited, the company maintained an A rating, with no existing customer review on the BBB website.

What’s interesting, though, is that when you look up review online, you’d find claims that you might want to look into first before signing up. One such claim is that AMS is just one of the many names of another company that operates badly; that the company has records of false advertising, bait and switch tactics, and has terrible customer service.

Plan Pricing and Services

Please see available plans and services being offered by AMS together with their corresponding rates per month:

  • Phone Monitoring – costs $5.59 and uses a local landline. Whenever there is an intrusion, a call is made to the monitoring center through a toll-free number.
  • VoIP Monitoring – costs $5.59 and would require you an existing VoIP service and a high-speed internet connection. Like the landline, this also calls the monitoring center through a toll-free number whenever it’s triggered.
  • AlarmEar Monitoring – costs $5.95 and sends out sirens or bells when triggered.
  • FireEar Monitoring – costs $5.95 and can work with an existing fire detector. This system can send a signal in less than 10 seconds.
  • E-Notify Services – costs $5.95 and can be added to any package. It allows for an SMS or an e-mail sent to you real time in case of a triggered alarm.
  • Email Monitoring – costs $5.95 and is the alarm system that sends an email to monitoring centers when there is an intrusion.
  • Wi-Fi Broadband Monitoring – costs $10.95. AMS provides the Broadband Internet Adapter.
  • GSM/Cellular Monitoring – costs $15.95. When triggered, the call to the monitoring center goes through back data channels from the various cell networks. This ensures a faster way to report an alarm.
  • Mini GSM Monitoring – costs $15.95. Just like the GSM/Cellular Monitoring, only that the Mini Dicell is used as equipment.
  • UL Fire Monitoring – costs $20.95. This is an added protection for fire monitoring.

Unfortunately, there is no available information on warranties being offered for the alarm system. Talk this over with your contractor before signing up.

After completion of the period of the term you initially chose, services will still continue monthly. Your new rate is now $19.95 per month.

Know that 3rd party routing services like the wireless routing or the internet are not included in the base rate. The following optional services are also not included in the base rate and should be paid for separately:

  • Automatic test timers
  • Communications testing
  • Opening/closing services or NFPA certified UL Fire alarm response (if required by the local municipality)

Top Tips for Buyers

If AMS is not able to monitor your alarm system, you will be paid $100. This is upon meeting certain qualifications like the failure to monitor was not due to equipment defects, unavailability of an internet connection, power interruptions, and other similar instances.

A same-day order set up is available if you are able to submit and pay your monitoring service order before 9 AM PST (except on weekends and holidays). This is also made possible if you have a phone line and internet ready prior the order and payment.

There is no contract with AMS. You can just sign up and initially pay for the 12-month period. You can cancel at any time.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you have just purchased the equipment and changed your mind, AMS has a 90-day money back guarantee. This allows a customer to return the equipment and be refunded the amount paid upon meeting certain qualifications.

When cancelling, all you need to do is to return the equipment to your contractor and cancel your subscription online. After all the equipment returned is determined to be in good condition, a refund may be requested through the company website. Your refund is given 30 days after the request.

If there are defects in the equipment you returned, the defects of which were not present when you signed up, the corresponding amount is deducted from your total refund.

The cancellation and refund procedures look easy but there have been numerous complaints online about how they have been billed even after cancellation requests have been submitted. The same complaints can be found online about refunds not given to customers despite them having already returned the equipment.

If you have plans of moving out of your current location to transfer to a new home, you can easily request for transfer of your account by submitting a request form available online. You just need to shell out a base price of $35 for the transfer.

There is no available information as of this time in relation to transfer of accounts from one owner to another. You can check this out with your contractor prior to signing up.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Affordable rate
  • Covers the US and Canada
  • No contract
  • Easy cancellation/refund procedures


  • Not BBB accredited
  • Negative reviews about cancellation and refund issues
  • Poor customer service

AMS may be one of the cheapest options in the market but it becomes shady when it comes to how consumers see the company based on Alarm Monitoring Service reviews online. Some consumers consider the company a scam and have indicated that is just one of the many websites it uses.

Also, the company has limited quality hardware available. AMS is more suited for those with existing equipment installed.

Whatever the case may be, AMS seems to be banking on the fact that it is one of the cheapest in the market. The alarming reviews online, however, would make you think twice – whether you choose affordability over quality.

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