Alarm Relay Review – One Among The Best?

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In a society where burglary becomes common, it’s important that you must protect your home as well as your lives whenever there is an intrusion.

And the need for alarm monitoring gave birth to companies like Alarm Relay.

But what is Alarm Relay? Will it protect you just like it promised you it will?

Here, we will discuss the company, look into Alarm Relay reviews, and make sure that you’re well guided before making that decision whether to sign up or not.

Alarm Relay’s History and Reputation

It was 1972 when Paul Piscatelli became a victim of burglary not just once, but twice.

Seeing that there was a need for security alarm monitoring, he put up Alarm Relay. It was at that time when Piscatelli saw the need for low-cost security monitoring that could protect homes and properties.

True to its word, Alarm Relay had been providing low-cost monitoring of security systems all over the United States, some parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Not only does Alarm Relay enjoy being one of those at the top when it comes to low-cost in the security industry, it also makes sure to innovate and go with the times, upgrading and adding services as the needs of society require.

No wonder, the company have been enjoying an A+ rating in BBB.

Despite the positive rating, there are still a few Alarm Relay security system complaints – with the complaints ranging from customers not knowing of the pricing beforehand, a complaint on the difficulty in setting up the device, to the other customer with a negative experience on account cancellations.

However, if there is one common denominator among these complaints in BBB, it is that the customers have not been ignored by Alarm Relay. By the looks of it, these concerns have been addressed by the company itself.

Plan Pricing and Services

Alarm Relay has a low-cost plan that starts at $8.95 per month. Please see below for the inclusions:

PlanBasic Plan
Monitoring for Burglary and Fire – 24/7 CoverageYes
Proof of Monitoring Insurance CertYes
Remote Programming Tech SupportYes

There is also a one-time activation fee amounting to $35 per alarm panel.

The company bills clients annually and so upon set up, you should be paying $107.4 (computed as $8.95 x 12) plus the activation fee of $35. This gives you a total of $142.40.

On your second year, you will be charged $119.40; $125.40 on your third year; and $131.40 on your fourth. Notice that the second to fourth-year payments are lower than the amount you paid initially. This is because there is no activation fee during your second year onwards; unless you have a new panel, then that is another $35 to activate.

Commercial fire monitoring is also available at $29.95 per month. This may be expensive but there are requirements for compliance with NFPA regulations to fill.

The company also sells accessories like Smoke Detectors ($80), a Motion Detector ($66), a Helix Glassbreak ($88), Helix Siren ($99), and a lot more accessories. You can visit the company website for the rest  of the products.

Another feature that is available at Alarm Relay is the Rescu App. For $4.99 per month, you have faster access to local emergency responders; faster than when calling 911. What’s also beneficial is that you can enroll multiple households in Rescu App even if you only have one account.

Alarm Relay works with your current alarm monitoring system. If you already have an existing alarm system, you can use that. If you don’t have anything in place yet, you may opt to purchase an alarm system but make sure to check with Alarm Relay first for compatibility.

To be on the safe side, you can also get these systems from the company at the following prices:

  • Helix Starter Kit: $179.99
  • Helix Standard Kit: $299.00
  • Helix Preferred Kit: $399.00
  • Helix Connected Kit: $499.00
  • Helix Premium Kit: $599.00

The equipment that is included in these systems is pretty much the same except for the Cryptix Door/Window Sensors. The higher the price, the more sensors there are.

For example, the Starter Kit has only one sensor, a mount, a motion detector, a Z-wave board, a Smart Switch, a Keyfob, power supply, and a rechargeable back-up battery. The Standard Kit has the same number of equipment plus three sensors.

But take note, the company does not have equipment warranties.

Top Tips for Buyers

The monthly $8.95 plan includes a monthly communications test. Although optional, you can also choose to have the communications test done weekly or daily.

Upon signing up with Alarm Relay, you will be asked for a contact list for Alarm Relay to know who to get in touch with in case of an emergency.

When the alarm is triggered, the first person on the list is contacted and if he/she answers, Alarm Relay asks for instructions. If the first contact does not answer, Alarm Relay calls the second contact on the list.

In cases when your equipment needs repairs, fixing can be done remotely. You can also call technical support and they will walk you through the steps to fix your equipment.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you are a new customer and changed minds about the alarm system, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. But there is also a 10% restocking fee applied to all products. The amount charged for shipping and handling is non-refundable.

If you have already been with Alarm Relay for quite some time and would like to stop services, you can cancel at any time without paying for cancellation penalties. There is no refund for the remaining months that were already paid.

Looking up some monitoring reviews, however, reveal some unsatisfied customers who have been billed despite the cancellations. While these may be isolated incidents, you can’t help but wonder how effective its cancellation process really is.

If you are moving to a new home, you have to get in touch with the accounting department so you will be provided with forms to fill out. There is a $35-activation fee for Alarm Relay to activate the equipment in your new location.

Unfortunately, there is no information available in relation to transfer of ownership of the accounts. You can check this out with Alarm Relay prior to signing up.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Affordable rates
  • Short-time plans of 12 months
  • UL Certified Monitoring Station
  • Reliable performance


  • Renewal is limited to another 12 months. No option to renew for a shorter period.
  • No refund for cancellations
  • Additional charges are confusing

The company boasts on its reliable performance, good BBB ratings, and affordable pricing.

There may be far better options in the market with superior performance but Alarm Relay may just be the company to go to if you just finished your contract with another provider and you want to try something new without the hassle of being tied to a contract that lasts for years.

At least if it doesn’t perform to your standards, you can always opt out after the short contract.

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