AlarmForce Review – A Service Worth Looking Into?

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People have gone through reading mergers and companies buying out other establishments. This seems to happen all the time within the security industry.

It is when a small company does not have enough funding or staffing and seeks the assistance of a huge or international conglomerate. However, in the case that we have here, it seems that the tables have turned.

AlarmForce will show us how a small, local security provider takes over an international brand and what comes after the merger.

AlarmForce Security’s History and Reputation

AlarmForce Security is a Canadian company who decided to extend its services to the U.S. back in 1988. Its main office is located in North York, Ontario. Even after its acquisition by Select Security last June 2017, it still provides state-of-the-art equipment by 2GIG tech and

AlarmForce used to provide strong network services throughout 30 U.S. states and until now for all of Canada. After being acquired by Select Security, the scope has become much more limited.

It used to be known for its cheap monthly fees and upfront cost. However, after raising the monthly fee by $5, it is now considered as an expensive provider.

AlarmForce has been BBB accredited since June of 2008 with an overall rating of A+. If you take a quick look, it has gained 92% of negative reviews and 109 separate AlarmForce complaints.

Plan Pricing and Services

If you were a customer of AlarmForce, the price you would have to pay monthly would start at $29.99 and end at around $54.99. Also, you would have paid around $180 to $200 upfront for the equipment cost. Aside from the prices, it locks you into a 36-month contract as well.

However, since it has successfully merged with Select Security, the previous contracts that are still in effect will be completed. Once completed, the consumer will be prompted to either get the upgrade and increase the fee according to the Select Security Packages or discontinue the service.

Here is the pricing information that you would need in regards to the Select Security Packages:

PlansEssential SmarthomeEnergy SmarthomeSecure+


Ultimate Smarthome
Upfront Costs$99.00$149.00$199.00$299.00
Monthly FeesStarts at $55.00






3 Door/Window Sensors,

1 Motion Detector,

1 Keyfob,

Touch Control Panel,

Window Decals,

Yard Sign,

Select Security Mobile App

Essential + 1 interactive thermostatEssential + 1 Indoor CameraCombination of all 3 packages + 1 appliance controller

A lifetime warranty is made available on both parts and labor. This is carried out by the technicians provided by Select Security. Though the prices and the name have changed, the warranty service still stays the same.

According to the Select Security FAQs, it will not increase your monthly monitoring rate. However, some customers that have used the old AlarmForce monitoring provided comments that Select Security upgrades the equipment and increases the rate after the initial contract with AlarmForce.

Additional equipment is widely available however due to the poor transparency of the Select Security website, you would need to call in to verify the individual pricing.

Top Tips for Buyers

AlarmForce is no longer in service for U.S. citizens. You would need to go straight to the Select Security website for new accounts.

AlarmForce Security reviews were not so pleasant. We do see a mix of reviews, however, there are more complaints than praises.

AlarmForce is still operating in Canada. If ever you plan to move to there, you can definitely have AlarmForce in the list of security providers.

It is backed up by 2GIG tech and so we can assure readers that the equipment is top-notch.

When the accounts were under AlarmForce, the contract length was 36 months. Now that it has transitioned into Select Security, the contract will now be 60 months.

It currently has an A+ rating in BBB but don’t be fooled as people can pay their way through the review system.

There is still a chance for you to get redirected to the AlarmForce US website but it will only lead you back to the Select Security website.

You will still be charged the monthly fee after giving the cancellation notice. It somehow serves as an early termination fee.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

AlarmForce follows the same cancellation procedure with Select Security. If you choose to cancel the service, you would need to send a letter of cancellation 60 days prior to the actual end date desired. Within the 60-day period, you will still be charged worth those 2 months. You would also need to ship back the equipment that was installed originally. Any failure to do so will result in a $350 fine.

If you have to move to a new address, the AlarmForce contract will be terminated and you will be issued a new 60-month contract with Select Security. If you would like to pursue this option, you would need to contact Select Security 30 days before the big move.

Since AlarmForce is no longer operational in the U.S., transferring the ownership of the account is no longer possible. You will end up having to cancel the service and have the new homeowners create a new account with the provider of choice.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating
  • Standard contract length
  • Used to have a wide scope of service
  • Backed by 2GIG and for the equipment


  • 92% negative reviews
  • New lengthy contract
  • Expensive costs
  • Poor website transparency
  • Price increase without proper approval
  • Difficult Cancellation Policy

Even though AlarmForce was a well-known international brand, it still was not able to provide stellar service amongst its U.S. patrons. Maybe this would be the reason as to why they were shelled out by an actual U.S. based company.

Now that you have seen the information regarding this company, you may want to check our Select Security review. However, we highly advise readers to go over all of the terms and conditions prior to signing the service agreement.

We can no longer recommend the system since it is already non-operational.

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