American Alarm Company Review – Why You Shouldn’t Buy?

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There are many companies that share the same name but have no idea that the other exists. In some countries, duplicating or almost having the same name is technically illegal.

We have come across company names that are shared by two entities but in this review, we will tackle how American Alarm and Communication Inc. shares a portion of its name to two other companies.

American Alarm’s History and Reputation

American Alarm and Communications Inc. has been providing its security services since 1971. Within the 47 years of its business, the assurance of reliable equipment has never been questioned.

It serves a strong network throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Pricing and packages are not disclosed on the website, however, we have gotten some user reviews about the company providing expensive equipment and mediocre monthly monitoring fees.

American Alarm Company complaints have been registered on BBB which contradict its current rating of A+. It is also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

American Alarm and Communications does not have any relation to either American Alarm Systems or American Alarm Corporation. They all serve different areas locally and are not aware of each other’s existence.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlanCustomize Your Own Plan
Monthly FeesStarts at $27.55 up to $76.95
FeaturesDepends on the equipment you choose to purchase along with the monitoring service.

A lifetime warranty is available on all parts and labor as long as it is American Alarm who sells and installs your equipment/system. It also provides a free battery replacement and the annual equipment test for those who chose to have American Alarm monitor an existing system.

There have been no issues with the monthly pricing. It will stay the same since you will sign a service agreement with present constant billing preferences. Some American Alarm reviews have stated that an amount of $2,000 or more was spent on equipment and installation.

Like some other companies, American Alarm has a lack of transparency when it comes to pricing. If you plan to add more equipment, you would need to either give customer service a call or submit a request online. The prices will then be provided after further discussion.

Top Tips for Buyers

People who move frequently are not advised to sign up with American Alarm and Communications. It only services three states and mainly caters hardwired equipment.

It serves a wide array of security solutions from Burglar alarms to overall home automation.

American Alarm does not offer any $0 down or free system option. You will need to have a big capital to avail of its services.

It does not serve any important information on the website. Pricing, contract length, cancellation policies, and moving procedures are considered important information.

Most of the complaints that the company has received are due to its lifetime warranty not being provided and product malfunctions. Some have voiced out that they were charged around $300 to $400 per visit.

The equipment is professionally installed. American Alarm does not provide any DIY installation option. Undisclosed fees may apply.

Since the contract length is not properly presented on the website, you may want to verify with the sales representative and clearly read the contract prior to signing.

It offers a “full refund” cancellation timeframe. You would need to contact customer service to verify the procedure. One customer was able to experience canceling the contract within the timeframe only to find out that he has to pay over hundreds of dollars for an early termination fee because he didn’t cancel it properly.

When you cancel any contract, make sure to have a copy of the cancellation letter and around two to three witnesses which includes a lawyer. The excuse for not being able to receive the letter has been fairly abused lately.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

American Alarm has not disclosed any information about the length of the full refund timeframe. So before you sign your contract, verify it and get a list of steps in case you decide to do it.

It also does not provide the actual length of the contract. However, if you are an American Alarm customer, you would need to fax over a Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice.

Upon doing so, you will be charged the remaining amount of the contract. Experiences that users have gone through have taught us that you need to keep following up with the correct department to avoid any other charges.

If you are planning to transfer to a different home wherein the service will still be available, contact customer service to have a technician remove the system and reinstall it in the new house. Fees will definitely apply.

After the move, you would need to contact American Alarm to reactivate the service and update the billing and some other personal information.

There has been no information provided regarding the transfer of ownership. We believe that American Alarm services such transactions. However, we are not able to distinguish the actual policy or pricing terms.

Most companies offer the same situation but have the new homeowners sign a new agreement – usually refreshing the contract length instead of picking up where you left off. The only good perk there is that they could get a couple months of monitoring service for free.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Uses Honeywell and DMP manufactured equipment
  • You will own the equipment purchased
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Offers Lifetime Warranty
  • Covers all security system options
  • Services customers with existing equipment
  • Products are professionally installed
  • Uses Landline, Cellular, and Broadband connections


  • Very Poor Website Transparency
  • Tons of Billing and Product Issues
  • Unresolved Registered BBB Complaints
  • Possible Expensive Upfront Fees
  • Possible Lengthy Contracts
  • Termination Fees Apply
  • Has Reported Warranty Issues
  • Bad Reviews about Customer Service and Tech Support
  • Mixed Comments regarding Sales Dept

Due to the lack of transparency, mixed reviews about product efficiency, and horrible reviews about technical support and customer service, signing up with American Alarm and Communications seems like a bad idea.

Weighing out the pros and cons of this company and considering all of the downsides has led us to advise customers to avoid signing up with American Alarm.

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