Amherst Alarm Review – A Right Choice or Not?

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At your own homes and offices, how secure are you? At present, any person values security more than anything whenever and wherever they are.

Amherst Alarm Inc. gives you the security that you have always been wanting. It provides a wide range of services for the safety of your house, office, or other establishments.

With this review, we will be providing the customers an opportunity to know more about the company.

Amherst Alarm’s History and Reputation

Amherst Alarm Inc. has been serving since 1984. It continues its dedication to adhere to the security needs of all of Western New York. Due to its pronounced and high-end services, it manages to receive certifications and links itself to some major industry associations.

Though it has an outstanding background, the company has limited availability which can only accommodate those in Western New York, particularly, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst, Williamsville, Lancaster, Orchard Park and Clarence. But nevertheless, Amherst Alarm Inc. is keeping a high reputation all over the state.

The prestige of this alarm company continues to rise as it received an IQ Certification which identifies itself as a company committed to excellence.

It received a Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) stating that all operators are certified to provide such services.

Amherst Alarm is directly located in Western New York, thus all of the staffs are knowledgeable about the area – giving a quick response to the clients in cases of emergency. Also, it has its own backup emergency power that can operate 24/7 to handle issues promptly and can send appropriate authorities right away if necessary.

With all the current advancements in the technology, Amherst Alarm ensures in keeping up-to-date changes in terms of services. It offers top alarm quality services with its proven and tested equipment at a reasonable price that can include wireless transmitters, keypads, sensors and video security systems.

At, Amherst Alarm received an A+ rating since December 1, 1985. It means that the company is addressing public complaints appropriately.

It has no reviews there to date but there were three complaints recorded. One was about divulging information and the other about not giving in to the request of prorated refund after cancellation. Both of which were already resolved and closed. The details of the third complaint were unavailable.

Plan Pricing and Services

The installation fees, equipment prices, and the plan pricing of the Amherst Alarm were not indicated on the company website.

However, based on online reviews, one should pay an installation fee of $495 for the system to be implemented. With this fee, one can already customize the system based on your own preference. It can include motion detectors, a control panel, glass break detectors, CO detectors, smoke alarms, and/or video security.

Amherst Alarm Inc. offers a 12-month contract to the clientele. In this whole year, one can assure that your house or any establishment is insured with all the profound and high technology equipment.

Additionally, the client should also pay for the monitoring fee that will cost around $29.99/month. This amount can also vary depending on the facilities that are installed all over the place. With this amount, one can already be secured enough due to Amherst Alarm’s most advanced services and equipment offered.

The Amherst Alarm website does not mention anything about equipment warranty, so, conservatively, you could just expect the manufacturer’s one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Tips for Buyers

Amherst Alarm Inc. has been offering its clients with excellent security facilities in exchange for reasonable prices. It is necessary to have security systems installed in your homes, offices or in any building. But, no one wants to pay too much for such services.

For homeowners to be satisfied, they should have a peace of mind on their belongings left at home. Amherst Alarm has been reliable enough to accomplish such result. And with this, clients would want to put their trust in this alarm company.

To know more about Amherst Alarm Inc., check the company’s website online. If you wish to inquire more about the services with the corresponding prices, make a call through the hotline number (716) 632-4600.

But as a warning, until you speak directly to a representative through either email or phone, don’t consider any request valid yet. This will be particularly crucial when calling for cancellation or anything that may have an effect on your billing.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Just like any other utility provider, Amherst Alarm can grant cancellation requests. If a client wishes to cancel the services, it requires a 30-day notice for the cancellation procedure to push through.

Moreover, the company will have to visit the house/establishment to reconfigure the system to stop the facility. But unlike most alarm and security companies, Amherst will not charge you in doing so nor will it require you to pay the remaining balance of the contract. All these will be done with no additional charges.

In cases such as moving to a different house, Amherst Alarm offers you a standard and easy way to transfer your security system from your old house to the new one. The alarm company offers a 24-hour service in order for the clients to contact the management and schedule the request for transfer.

Upon moving into your new home and discovering that it has an Amherst alarm system, you just need to contact the security provider on how you should do the activation process. The company will help you set up the alarm system and will offer a training on how to use the services properly.

In cases that the house you moved in has a different alarm system, contact Amherst Alarm first because further evaluation may suggest if the system can also be monitored by the said company.

The Bottom Line


  • Knowledgeable staffs about the area for quicker responses
  • Own back up emergency power to work 24/7
  • Early cancellation at no extra charge


  • Limited availability – Western New York only
  • Incomplete information on its website

The monitored alarm system of the company will assure the safety of your house, your belongings, and most especially, your loved ones at home.

With this Amherst security systems review, one should be able to decide whether or not the company is trustworthy enough to handle the security services that you want to be implemented in your own homes or offices.

With its proficient background offered at a fair price and considering your place is anywhere in the New York State, one should be able to choose Amherst Alarm Inc.

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