AMP Security Review – Would It Be a Good Experience For You?

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If you are still in the search for the best security system, then we bet you have gone through multitudes of reviews and comments. Most companies either get plenty of good reviews or tons of horrible ones but today, you may encounter a security provider that’s been given both the thumbs up and down.

AMP LLC, better known as AMP Smart, has received so many good and bad reviews. Let’s go and take a quick look.

AMP Security’s History and Reputation

AMP LLC. started offering security services back in March 2009 with its central monitoring station based in Utah. Being a Honeywell user ensures that it can keep up with the progression of technology. AMP Home Security is not really a well-known security service, however, has been keeping a good number of homeowners satisfied over the years.

AMP serves a strong service network throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

It is a partner of so safe to say that the equipment is state-of-the-art and top-notch.

According to most comments from past and current customers, it is known to be affordable upfront and reasonable on its monthly fees. Many claims that the price is just about right for the service it provides.

AMP is not a BBB accredited company but has received an overall rating of C. Good reviews dominate the website with a total of 71% and on the other end of the spectrum, it has 189 separate AMP security system complaints.

Plan Pricing and Services

Any possible packages or individual pricing has not been provided by the website. Unfortunately, we would have to tag this as poor website transparency. This makes your business as a customer less convenient as it should be.

Scanning through most of the experiences shared by the patrons of AMP Smart, we were able to collect this significant information:

PlanCustomize your own plan
Upfront CostsStarts at $88.00
Monthly FeesStarts at $39.99

Main Features

Depends on the equipment that you will choose along with the monitoring service that will be explained to you upon calling in

As long as you have a good standing with the company, you will be provided with the V.I.P. Warranty. It is where repairs and equipment replacements will be done for the cost of only $25. Replacement or repairs of the items will be subject to the limited warranty that is available on your contract.

As per AMP, monthly service fees will not increase since you have been locked in an agreement. The only chance that it will increase is if there would be any additional taxes, permits, licenses, or fees that will be charged by a utility or government agency in accordance to the service provided.

Since AMP targets its customers to customize their own packages, we believe that there are many options to choose from when it comes to add-ons. Again, due to the poor pricing transparency, you would need to call in for the individual prices.

Top Tips for Buyers

AMP Smart covers a limited area. If you jump from state to state then AMP is not the service for you.

It has poor website transparency. Don’t be amazed by the beautiful website patterns and the swiping ads, it does not really provide you the information you need.

AMP has a 6-month money back guarantee. If you think that it’s not the system for you, you would need to give AMP a call to be informed regarding the return process.

Live chat on the website is closed ALL THE TIME. Don’t even think about wasting your time pressing that button.

It charges an early termination fee. It’s either the ETF price or the balance of your agreement – whichever is cheaper.

If you experience any burglary while the security system is supposed to be active, AMP will honor its Protection Pledge and reimburse you $500.

AMP’s salesmen are known to be senior predators. By that we mean they prey on senior citizens who live alone. Make sure your parents know to call you for assistance if ever they encounter these people.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

As previously stated, AMP provides a 6-month money back guarantee. This information was provided by the previous patrons of AMP. You would have to contact customer service as the information on its return policy or procedure is not posted on the website.

To cancel your AMP service after 6 months, you would need to submit a Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice, and then pay for $1,250 or the balance of your contract, whichever is cheaper. In some cases, the ETF would be $1,800 but it depends on your location.

If you have any plans of moving after completing 1 year with AMP, you will be provided with the AMP Relocation package (as long as it still service yours area). This will include a brand new control panel, 3 door contacts, 1 motion sensor, and a Telco jack. It will also provide you a 25% discount on all other items you wish to add on the new system.

If your new home has a security system installed in it, the AMP tech will inspect it and reactivate the system if possible. You will also be entitled to add more equipment for free as long as it is within the same price of the relocation package that was supposed to be installed. Upon moving, you will be obliged to sign another 60-month contract for monitoring the new home.

If a new homeowner would like to take over your AMP account, no information has been provided. Contact AMP for possibilities of a third party transfer.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Free Professional Installation
  • Cheap Upfront Costs
  • Good Relocation Package
  • Lengthy Money Back Guarantee Window
  • Reliable equipment
  • Good reimbursement policy
  • Cheap service fees (for repairs)


  • Mixed AMP Home Security Reviews
  • Long contracts
  • Expensive termination fees
  • Dull Customer Service
  • Poor Web Transparency
  • Aggressive Sales tactics
  • Not BBB accredited and bad rating

Now that you’ve seen the services that you can possibly get from AMP, you should get yourself thinking if you are ready to dive into the AMP Security service.

Aside from the diverse comments from different patrons and poor transparency, there might be other things that conflict us to recommend this service. You may want to look at other options.

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