ASG Security Review – The Withered Champion?

ASG Alarm Security Review

Going through all the negative reviews on different home security providers is exhausting. Reading about the same complaints over and over again is not really pleasant. Another name has popped up claiming to be one of the best home security providers in town.

Let us take a look at some of the ASG Home Security reviews and its history.

ASG Security’s History and Reputation

ASG Security was established as a home security provider in 2002. It held its base operations in Maryland. It used Honeywell manufactured equipment until the merger with Protection One and ADT in 2015. From that point, the manufacturing of its equipment was taken over by 2GIG technology which gave a very good upgrade and advancement to its system.

ASG handled home security with a very strong service network only in the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts), Texas, and North Carolina.

From ASG to Protection One, this company has been rated with expensive equipment along with pricey monthly fees. However, it has also been applauded for having good service making the expense worth it.

Though there is a BBB file created for ASG, it has no rating, no reviews, and no complaints on the page. Instead, you will be given a link that routes you to the Protection One page (the new owner). Once you get to that page, it will give you a link to the ADT page, which basically gives you an A+.

Plan Pricing and Services

For a little glimpse into history, ASG’s lowest package offer was around $29.95 with a $99 installation fee. This came with a control panel, three window/door sensors, a pet-friendly motion sensor, and a key fob. You would be able to lock-in the price with a 36-month contract.

Here are the new plans available under Protection 1:

PlansSecureSecure +Smart ControlVideo
Installation & Activation$99.00$99.00$99.00$99.00
Monthly Fees$34.99$44.99$49.99$54.99
Main FeaturesTouch Control Panel, 3 door / window sensors, 1 motion sensor, key fob, Yard sign, 3 window decals, battery backup, 5-day weather forecastSecure package + 2-way voice feature, Cellular Alarm Signal, No need for landlineSecure package + web & mobile control, Image motion sensor, Disarm alerts, thermostat control, control lighting, door locks, and GEO fencing tech.Secure package + Video via phone or web, indoor, night-vision camera.

ASG now offers the same packages and add-ons that Protection 1 offers. You may want to check our Protection 1 review for more detailed information on plans and pricing.

For existing packages from ASG, once the contract expires, customers will have the chance to call and fully cancel the service or Protection 1 will upgrade to its package and probably charge a higher fee.

Top Tips for Buyers

Unfortunately, though we have seen stellar reviews on ASG, it is no longer its own entity. This means that you will not be able to find or purchase any of its old packages.

Protection 1 is now the new provider of the security service and home automation. It has partnered with ADT and Monitronics, both struggling with reviews, so you might want to reconsider a different provider.

The ASG website still operates but will route you to the Protection 1 site. Do not be confused when trying to navigate.

If you own Honeywell equipment that was provided by ASG, there are other providers that service the same equipment. This can lower your upfront costs and possibly just let you pay the monthly fee.

Be aware of salesmen that say they are still part of ASG. They are more likely to be with Protection 1 and will say that upgrades will be done to the system. Do not sign anything with them and contact Protection One to verify the upgrade.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion about the cancellation of the ASG contract due to its merger with Protection 1. ASG Security complaints today are caused by the new handling of Protection 1.

It now follows the new cancellation policy, wherein if you choose to cancel the contract, you would either need to pay for the remaining balance (with your current ASG plan price) or pay for $750 upfront, whichever is cheaper.

Transferring your system from one home to another is no longer possible. Protection 1 deems the old ASG system to be outdated and will no longer service the equipment provided by ASG. You would need to cancel the service (and of course pay the cancellation penalty) and upgrade to the new packages that Protection 1 offers. You will also be signing a new 36-month contract with Protection 1 (how convenient for them).

You will not be able to transfer the account to a new owner. Again, the ASG system has been disabled, and Protection 1 is only finishing out the rest of the contract with the original ASG customers. Some of which have complained that they have been upgraded without proper consultation and approval.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Good equipment and advanced technology
  • Average and positive rating on Yelp
  • Merger with America’s top Home Security providers


  • No BBB accreditation and rating
  • Auto-renewal to the Protection 1 plan with no approval from the customer
  • Difficulty in canceling the old policy even if it no longer exists as its own entity
  • Updates to a new package (with increase) without your approval

If you take the time to browse through Protection One reviews, you will see that most of the customers it acquired were from ASG. Though most of the reviews for P1 are complaints, you would read statements such as “I wish they had never merged with *** (ASG) because my service was way better before they came along”.

ASG was indeed one of the top players in the industry who believed in providing quality home security for the people. Mergers happen all the time. Not only does it help to upgrade your equipment, but also gives you the security that you won’t get ripped off if a company goes bankrupt.

Remember, ASG is already Protection 1. Be updated and happy security hunting.

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