Atronic Alarms Review – Would It Be A Bad Choice?

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Rarely do we see company executives who are active on different social media platforms. Especially the ones who tend to resolve the issue themselves. However, when it comes to providing customer service to its patrons, one local security provider from Kansas City has chosen to steal our hearts.

Let’s venture into the history of Atronic Alarms and see how it has progressed throughout the decades.

Atronic Alarms’ History and Reputation

Atronic Alarms has been serving Kansas City with its partner Honeywell since 1982. It has been a locally-known name in the industry and has been keeping itself up-to-date with all the technological advancements available.

It has been a local company serving the good hearts of Kansas City for around 37 years and expanding its service reach to Omaha while building a strong service network within its range.

It provides monitoring and security systems at a high price. Knowing the national fame of Honeywell, you can trust that the systems are very effective and even the President and Vice President would come to your home to personally fix any issue.

Atronic Alarms is a BBB accredited business with an overall rating of A+. It does not have any reviews nor complaints on the website which means that it either provides stellar service or resolves your issues on time to avoid pushing the problem further.

Plan Pricing and Services

The only downside to the company would be the poor pricing transparency. Every customer would like to have the chance to compare prices and services but the lack of price would immediately shut down any interest in a certain service.

Here are the details that we were able to collect:

PlansCustomize Your Own Plan
Upfront Costs$495
Monthly FeesStarts at $28
FeaturesDepends on the equipment that you select along with the monitoring service of choice.

It offers landline, cellular, and broadband monitoring. All of these options have different pricing so choose which would be the best one for your home.

Atronic services you with a variety of mobile applications that you can use to remotely monitor your home. This way if you are having issues with one app, you can switch over to the others to double check your house.

Atronic offers a 12-month warranty on parts and labor. Once your call has been received and the issue has been determined, it would immediately send out a technician to fix the issue for you.

Based on different Atronic Alarm System reviews, there are no spikes in the monthly price. It stays the same even if you are on a month-to-month payment basis.

Since you have the power to customize your own package, we believe that everything Atronic offers could be a possible add-on to the package itself. You can contact Atronic for individual pricing.

Top Tips for Buyers

It has been serving Kansas City, MO for 37 years or so. Last November of 2017, Atronic had completed its acquisition of American Electronics in Omaha, NE. So if you plan to hire the security service, you would need to live only at either Kansas City or Omaha.

Atronic Alarms does not have a contract. Yes, you can definitely prepay one or more years in advance but it basically runs on a month-to-month term.

It has no complaints on BBB so far! You can definitely trust the company to resolve any issue.

The system is installed professionally and wired into your home. Make sure to watch properly and pay attention since this means that strangers will be inside your house.

Always listen to the instructions provided by the technician. Learning how to fix your own issue will spare you from the trouble of calling in and waiting for a tech guy to come over and finish the job.

It is not really transparent about pricing on the website so make sure to have some free time to give Atronic a call and see how much it would cost you to have the service it offers.

Unlike most national companies, it does not send out annoying door-to-door salesmen. So there would be no need to worry about people knocking on your door and asserting themselves with their cheap tactics.

If you provide the company four (4) successful referrals, you get three (3) months worth of free monitoring! Free service always sounds delightful!

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

There is no information about the money back guarantee that Atronic provides. It may be because of the lack of transparency on the website or it may be a different offer for different customizations. You may reach the company for more information about the money back guarantee.

Atronic Alarms does not lock or bind you to a long-term contract. The company seeks to earn your business on a monthly basis. In order to cancel the service, you would need to contact customer service and provide your Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice.

Since the company only serves Kansas City and greater Omaha, you can only choose to bring the equipment if you move between the two cities. You would need to pay an undisclosed service fee since all of the equipment has to be taken down and reinstalled by a professional.

If you plan to move out of the state and you choose to leave the system in your old house, the new owners can have the system reactivated under a new account.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating with zero complaints
  • Variety of monitoring options
  • Customizable equipment scheme
  • Equipment is yours even after the service
  • Positive Consumer Feedback
  • Professional Installation
  • Has been in business for 37 years


  • Poor pricing transparency
  • Limited Service Areas
  • Incidents of rude customer service
  • No Information regarding the Money Back Guarantee service
  • Limited Warranty on both product and labor
  • Equipment Recall Incident with Honeywell

We would highly recommend Atronic Alarms to anyone who is looking for a security system provider in Kansas City and Omaha. You should give the company a call now and see how much you’d spend on a new system.

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    By Megan R. ( 2018-12-11 , 21:37 )

    Hi Delwine. Thank you for taking the time to write this extensive article on Atronic Alarms headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. We appreciate the candor and all the good things you have to say about the company. I have worked with Atronic Alarms since 2001, and wanted to let you know that we do have an option for an entry-level home automation system which starts at $195. We also have expanded
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