Bay Alarm Review – Local Reliability?

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There’s nothing more appealing to customers than finding a local brand that gives quality services. Local brands often give us the feeling of custom-fit and tailored service that we like to see.

However, in the realm of the home security industry, local brands often have difficulties in securing a good reputation. This is mostly due to pressures from bigger competitors who often have more resources.

But if you’re in California’s Bay Area, you’re in terrific luck. One little gem shines brightly among the competition—Bay Alarm. But, is it any good?

Let’s find out in our Bay Alarm company review.

Bay Alarm’s History and Reputation

Founded in 1946, Bay Alarm has had over 70 years of experience in the game to set its mark. It’s considered a veteran in the industry due to their length in the business.

It mostly serves areas in California such as Oakland, North Bay, South Bay, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and Ontario. The company also serves Phoenix, Arizona and Seattle, Washington.

This array of major cities gives Bay Alarm a really formidable coverage area. As evidence of this, the company is ranked as the 8th largest company in the US. This distinction is given by SDM Magazine and is based on the company’s recurring monthly revenue.

It also boasts industry recognition. Bay Alarm is UL Listed, FM Approved, and TMA Five Diamond Certified. To aid its users, it also offers a Bay Alarm Connect application. These two speak about the strength of the company’s service.

Customers are also generally happy with the company. It has received a 67% positive review on the Better Business Bureau. The company has been accredited since 05/01/1968 and has a rating of A+.

In a similar customer review website, Yelp, the company received 78% positive reviews. Customers praised its timeliness and the professional nature of its installers.

Issues about billing, however, are predominant in the said site. Also, new customers may be discouraged from choosing Bay Alarm because of the lack of pricing information on its site.

Plan Pricing and Services

Unlike other security companies, Bay Alarm’s plans aren’t available on their site. Instead, it offers home security features that you can customize. It has offerings for both residential and commercial buildings, giving it a wide coverage.

Their home security has common devices and features found in other companies. Here are four of these features:

  • Home Alarm Monitoring. The company offers 24/7 monitoring for your home. This is backed by their recognized monitoring station. You can rest assured knowing that someone will contact you if something goes wrong.
  • Home Automation. Whether you’re at home feeling lazy or at work being busy, you are always aware of what’s going on in your house. You can remotely arm or disarm your alarms and control your lights, door locks, and thermostats. When your cameras detect something, you instantly receive video clips. And if you want to have your lights turned on at specific times, an automatic change scheduling feature is also available.
  • Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring. These are all life-threatening situations. Bay Alarm addresses these through its Internet-based monitoring and radio backup communication. Its devices have audible warnings that are useful when the situation occurs in the middle of the night.
  • Alarm Patrol and Response. While you’re away and on a vacation, the company can look after your home. It performs physical checks to make sure everything’s safe and as it should be. You could also request for a safety escort service. For example, when you’re going home late at night, you can ask to have an agent wait for you and see you go inside your house safely.

For commercial establishments, Bay Alarm has a slew of useful features. Some of these features are:

  • Business Alarm Monitoring. This is quite similar to its home security offering.
  • Fire Alarm Systems. The company is licensed (A0471) to perform NFPA 25, NFPA 72, and Title 19 fire alarm system inspections. It also complies with ADA, NFPA, ICC, OSHA, and state regulations.
  • Access Control. Don’t want just any employee to be snooping around? Bay Alarm offers a way to control who goes where and at what times. It also gives you the power to create different access levels with different privileges.
  • Security Cameras. The company allows you to remotely view camera footage, either single channel or multi-camera recording. You could also view up to 16 different channels at the same time.
  • Multiple Locations. When your business expands, Bay Alarm wants to expand with you too. The company offers a centralized monitoring for all of your different locations. This allows you to view it in one place.

As earlier mentioned, Bay Alarm has no pricing information on its website. The price quotes are available only after an in-house assessment and consultation.

All of its equipment has a one-year limited warranty. The company also charges an installation fee, although the exact pricing is unknown.

Top Tips for Buyers

Be prepared for the in-house assessment and consultation. Bay Alarm’s personnel are reported to act professionally and give decent recommendations on the products you might need.

Prior to settling for the company, ask a lot of questions. This is because it lacks the necessary information on its official site for you to make an informed decision. Ask about the equipment, options for an extended warranty, contract length, and cancellation fees, among all things.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee period in case you aren’t happy or satisfied with its services. After this period, you’ll be subjected to its cancellation fees, if there are any. This information is also missing from its site, along with contract lengths and auto-renewal policies.

A customer, however, posted on a review website that he was charged with a $200 early cancellation fee.

However, if you want to relocate, the company offers three options:

  • Have a free installation of the basic system in your new home if it doesn’t have a security system yet.
  • Have a free reactivation of any preexisting security system in the new home.
  • Have a discount on the new installation of an upgraded system.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Generally good rating by customers
  • Industry-recognized standards


  • Limited equipment warranty
  • No important information regarding the contract and pricing
  • Lack of online transparency

Bay Alarm complaints are usually about issues with billing and problems with cancellation. So, if you’re looking forward to moving out and wanting to cancel, you might need to look for a different provider.

Its lack of prices and contract information are also major problems. You would need all the information you could get for you to make a really good decision. Sadly, Bay Alarm only offers this information once you have it in your home.

It can’t be denied though that it can stand up against the bigger companies and its personnel are noted to be professional. Overall, Bay Alarm is a pretty reliable and decent choice if you’re in its coverage area.

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