Blue Ridge Security Review – Just a Bad Selection?

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When you look for possible security services, you always think about what’s best for your home, family, and budget. There are many companies that charge very affordable monthly fees but fail to deliver their promises of heightened security. There are also some companies that charge expensive fees and still fail to do so.

We will be going through the Blue Ridge Security System reviews to see how it has made a name for itself in the past 21 years.

Blue Ridge’s History and Reputation

Blue Ridge Security was founded in 1997 and has been serving the Southeast portion of America with the help of DMP, Honeywell, and other manufacturers. It has been praised for building strong service connections especially after its acquisition by Priority One.

It has also been considered as an expensive security provider, however, most of the user reviews prove that the service they get it worth the price they pay.

Blue Ridge Security Solutions is not BBB accredited and has not received any ratings. There is only one registered complaint which we believe has been resolved since the information is no longer available on the BBB website.

On the other hand, Priority One Security is a BBB accredited business with a rating of A+. The customer review score is also evened out with 1 positive and 1 negative review.

Plan Pricing and Services

Blue Ridge Security no longer offers its old packages to its customers after its merger with Priority One Security. However, prior to adopting the prices that P1 offers, the basic system under Blue Ridge cost around $44.99 per month with a $299 upfront cost.

If you would like to subscribe to the service, you would now be offered a contract with Priority One Security Services. Here are the packages offered by P1:

PlanPro Pac IPro Pac IIProtected & Connected
Upfront CostsFREE
Monthly Fees$29.95$39.95$49.95




*Landline Required

Panel, Keypad,

1 motion detector,

3 window sensors, Siren,

5 window stickers,

1 yard sign

*Cellular Communicator

+ Pro Pac I inclusions

Pro Pac II +

Interactive Module, Phone App Configuration,

Remote Arm/Disarm, Camera,

Email/Text Notification

All of these packages include professional monitoring, system activation, and 24/7 UL listed monitoring.

Blue Ridge and Priority One both provide extended warranties. This gives you three years worth of free parts and labor. There have been several issues regarding the equipment, however, seem to be resolved immediately.

The monthly monitoring would still stay the same since you will be locked into a 36 to a 60-month service agreement.

A wide array of add-ons are available. Individual pricing will be provided to the customer by contacting customer service.

Top Tips for Buyers

After being acquired by Priority One Security, Blue Ridge no longer offers any services to new customers. All prospects will now be redirected to P1.

Both companies have served a long time in the security industry which makes them credible to be security service providers.

There will be a need to contact Priority One for more information regarding its service packages and optional devices. Blue Ridge will no longer offer its old packages to new customers.

Blue Ridge customers will still get the same rate that they have until the time of contract expiration. When the agreement ends, they will be offered packages under Priority One.

All equipment will be professionally installed. It does not offer DIY installation.

You do not get to own the equipment after the service ends. You will have to return all of the items to Blue Ridge if you choose to cancel the account.

There is no information regarding the contract length, therefore, cancellation procedures are not disclosed on the website.

In an event that you choose to upgrade your services, you may spend another $200 – $500 in order to have new equipment set up. The equipment provided by Priority One will be yours to keep, however you will need to return the equipment provided by Blue Ridge.

Both Priority One and Blue Ridge offers a leasing contract for equipment. You would need to contact P1 for the $0 Down requirements.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Since Blue Ridge Security Solutions is now Priority One Security, you would need to contact Priority One to create a new account.

Most companies are transparent when it comes to the Money Back Guarantee policy but it seems that neither Blue Ridge nor Priority One gives out their information.

There will be a contract between you and Priority One, however, information regarding contract length is not disclosed. You will need to read the fine print of the contract and verify the initial term.

Just to give customers an insight, some initial terms may take 5 years (60 months). To opt out of the agreement, you would need to fax over a Letter of Cancellation and pay the remaining amount of the contract. The remaining balance will serve as the Early Termination Fee.

Priority One has the option for you to transfer your Blue Ridge monitoring if you plan to change residences within the covered service area. Fees may apply upon moving and you will still keep the original rate as stated in your contract with Blue Ridge.

If you are a Blue Ridge Security customer, the option to hand over the account to someone else is no longer available. You will be advised to cancel your agreement, pay the fee, and the new homeowner will be offered a new account under Priority One.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Extended Warranty Options
  • Optional contract length
  • Uses both Landline and Cellular transmission
  • Good customer service reviews
  • Professional Installation
  • $0 Down option


  • Not BBB accredited and no rating
  • Mixed reviews about product efficiency
  • Poor website transparency
  • Limited Service Area
  • Billing issues
  • No Longer Offers Packages after Merger
  • Equipment remains as company property

We can no longer recommend Blue Ridge Security Solutions since it no longer operates as its own entity. Despite this, we are glad to say that Blue Ridge has reached every high expectation set for a security company.

For your security needs, head over to Protection One to get the same service level. Probably even more!

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