A-COM Security Review – Too Much Or Nothing?

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With competition in the home security industry fierce, companies do all it takes to stand out. From offerings to manufacturing partners to even names, security companies want to have an edge.

This isn’t exactly the case with A-COM Security. This company shares names with a software company, a loan company, a school, and power product dealer. You can quite easily confuse this small-town local provider with totally unrelated industries.

A-COM Security fits the mold well, but can the same be said with its offerings? Let’s find out in this review.

A-COM’s History and Reputation

Established in 1972, this small-town local operator serves Georgia and eastern and central Alabama. It’s spent a fairly long time in the industry as well, yet its mark might’ve been dulled by its other namesakes.

The company ranks 58th in terms of size as ranked by the SDM Magazine. This ranking was done in 2017 and was based on the recurring monthly revenue of different security companies.

Despite its size and easily confusable name, A-COM is quite a competent provider. Its monitoring station is UL Listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified. It also boasts an impressive average response time of 17 seconds.

Aside from providing security solutions to homes, it also caters to businesses through A-COM Integrated Solutions. It uses 2GIG technology to complement its monitoring services.

The monitoring offers of the company are averagely-priced. It’s not clear though what the upfront costs are.

The Better Business Bureau has accredited the company since 12/13/1972. It also gave the company a rating of A+.

To date, there is only one negative review written on the site about the company.

Plan Pricing and Services

A-COM offers wireless-based systems that provide easy removal and installation.

The company offers two types of services, both for customers with preexisting security system and for those who are yet to get one:

Service TypeDaily CostFeatures
A-Command LinkStarts at $1.10Takeover of alarm system, daily signal testing, in-house monitoring
A-Command ProStarts at $1.45All features of A-COMMAND LINK but with a new alarm system

It lists the features of its solutions though. Here are some of the features of its home solution:

  • Video Surveillance. This feature allows continuous recording and live stream video viewing. You can view multiple locations at the same time. The system gives you motion-activated video alerts. It also comes with a doorbell camera. The feature comes with a cloud storage to store all the video it records.
  • Home Automation. The company allows you to remotely arm and disarm your system. You can also receive notifications whenever a door is unlocked. It features a location-based lock and arm. The system notifies you if you leave a designated area (say, your house) without arming the system. The feature also has electronic keyless entry, electronic door locks, and one-time visitor codes. This also allows you to remotely adjust your thermostat.
  • Health and Life Safety. This feature is especially useful if you have sick or elderly family members. The system monitors the daily routines of these members and provides you with real-time updates. You can also set custom notifications for different situations. The feature has an alert button and the monitoring station will immediately respond.
  • Fire Protection. This feature offers the basic devices involved in monitoring fire. These devices are the smoke sensors, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide detector. The equipment is constantly monitored and can send signals to the monitoring station even if the system is disarmed.

A-COM also offers solutions to commercial establishments. It has features in common with its home security offering, although there are also key differences.

The following are some of the features of business security solutions:

  • Video Surveillance. Just like its home security counterpart, the feature has a cloud storage that can store videos for up to 30 days. You also have live video footage and motion detection. The system notifies you by
  • This includes an equipment package that includes motion detectors, interior sirens, glass break detectors, and photoelectric beams. It also features opening and closing reports, allowing you to see who interacted with the system and at what times. Motion detection recording is also present.
  • Access Control. The feature allows you to control employee access. You can limit access to sensitive areas in the building as well. This comes along with activity reports for employee access verification.
  • Commercial Fire Protection. It comes with different types of fire alarm devices such as smoke and heat detectors and fire alarm boxes. Its staff is NICET Certified.

There is no other pricing information written on the website except for the monitoring prices. A review website lists A-COM’s plans for around $43.

The company allows customization of devices. These devices are tamper-resistant and have a warranty for 90 days after installation.

There is also a service agreement option which serves as an extended warranty. This option covers the trip charges and saves you $45 per work order.

Top Tips for Buyers

As mentioned earlier, the company requires an on-site inspection and review before you can get a definite price quote. You can try to haggle with a representative and get the most cost-efficient offering.

The devices that the company offers are all Z-wave compatible. This means that you can integrate your Z-wave devices with the system.

A-COM also offers a referral program. You will receive a $50 check if your referrals become active customers.

Availing of the service agreement option may be more cost-effective. A customer reported that he/she paid $800 for labor costs.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

The contract runs for four years, slightly longer than the standard three-year contract. If you want to cancel though, you need to pay for the full remaining balance on your account. From the date of installation, you have three days to cancel for free.

You would need to send a 30-day notice of cancellation before you can terminate the services.

A-COM has options for moving, although it’s not clear what these options are. It doesn’t charge any fee though, which is a good thing.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Recognized monitoring station
  • Wide range of services


  • Limited availability
  • Lack of information regarding equipment
  • Lack of online transparency and visibility

There are a few A-COM Security system reviews and complaints online. Some of these include poor customer service and high labor costs for repairs.

However, the company, despite its small size and potentially confusing name, has a good array of offerings and recognition. If you’re in Georgia or Alabama and want some capable security system, A-COM is something you should consider.

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