Cox Home Security Review – Should You Secure Your Home or Wallet?

Cox Communication review

A lot of cable companies have tried to venture the world of internet and home security. Many of those have failed but some are still alive and struggling. It’s quite rare to come across an actual cable provider to be a reputable home security provider at the same time.

We’ll be browsing through Cox and how it has established a name for itself in the security industry.

Cox Communication’s History and Reputation

Cox Communications started back in 1962 as a cable provider. In 1993, it started providing telecommunication services and added home security called Homelife at around 2011. It has been updating itself in terms of technology and expanding its coverage by acquiring smaller media firms.

Though Cox is America’s third largest media corporation and one of its leading cable providers, Cox has not yet attained the title to be one of the leading brands in home security.

It provides a strong service network to California, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Rhode Island, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Arizona. Since it only serves these 12 states, it offers affiliate companies for other subscribers in states not listed above.

It offers great bundles for internet, tv, and home automation and security services. It also has equipment manufactured by Sercomm, which gives you the affordable yet durable items that you would need for your home security.

As of this writing, Cox has an A+ rating with BBB. However, if you look at the page, 94% of the reviews are negative. The recurring complaint is regarding billing, wherein the monthly prices fluctuate.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlansEssential PackagePreferred Package
Upfront fees$280.00$460.00
Monthly Fees (starts at)$39.99$54.99
Main Features & Equipment2 window/door sensors + 1 motion sensor + 1 wireless router + 1 yard signEssentials Package + 1 HD Camera

Cox offers a limited warranty on all the equipment that it provides within the package. This is a 90-day warranty that covers repairs or replacements needed.

Monthly pricing varies on the bundle or the number of equipment that you purchased. There have been several complaints regarding the monthly fees skyrocketing after a said promo has ended.

Cox Security System complaints come from customers who were allegedly offered promotional prices as standard prices. Once the promo ends, then the increase in monthly fees begin.

There are many add-on features such as smoke detectors, CO detectors, cameras with different specs, etc. However, you should be informed that the touchscreen panel (which is mainly what you need to make the whole system function) is not included in the package.

You would need to either purchase a compatible touchscreen or rent one from Cox at an additional $3 a month. For continuous video recording, you would need to pay $14.99 per month.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you are looking for a reputable home security service that has nationwide coverage, we suggest you look elsewhere. Cox only services 12 states and has made no announcement of expanding its coverage.

Cox is a good choice if you are looking for promotional bundles. It also has a 2 to 3-year service agreement which makes you hold that promo price for the whole length of the contract.

If you change residences (a lot), then we suggest you look for a wireless security system. Cox has professional installation services in limited areas so if you move houses frequently, that’s gonna cost you.

Don’t make too many inquiries about other bundle packages that Cox has. In one review, it’s been stated that customer service pulls out credit records without customer consent. This could be horrible for your credit rating if it doesn’t remove the credit inquiry.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Cox strictly implements its 60-month contract. In the event that you would like to cancel the service, you would need to pay for the remaining amount of the contract upfront. The early termination fee and reduction that Cox provides for its cable and internet service do not apply to Homelife.

If you have just purchased the system, you would have the privilege to cancel the agreement within 30 days from contract signing. This will help you avoid the termination fee.

Planning to move? Not sure if you can take the system with you? Don’t worry because for a fee of $99, you will be able to have the system reinstalled in your new home (provided that it services the area).

If you plan to have the system kept in the old house for the use of the new homeowners, you will need to contact Cox in order to transfer the account to the new owner. The new homeowners must be qualified in order to take over the system and account.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Overall good monitoring services
  • Plenty of package options
  • Provides free quotations
  • Many features and add-ons available
  • Long cancellation window for newbies


  • Poor customer service and billing practices
  • High upfront costs
  • Limited warranty (90 days)
  • Poor transparency (prices scarcely on the site)

Don’t be swayed by the low prices that this company provides. Remember that these are always preceded by the phrase “starts at”. This means that for every additional item that you want to add, there is also an additional cost for monitoring added.

Be aware of the ratings provided by BBB and other review websites. A lot of companies can pay for a good rating. Always take time to read the comments and actual reviews to get a good insight of what you will be dealing with.

There are other security systems that have made names for themselves over the years. We suggest that you take a look at the history and timeframe of the security offer. Homelife has been around for the past 7 years. Cox is still quite a newbie in the home security industry considering that there have been competitors that serve for more than 20 years.

Choose wisely. Choose your security.

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