Criticom Monitoring Services Review – A Monitoring King?

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Let’s take a break from all of the stressful alarm hunting and review which provide the actual monitoring service. We’re sure that you’ve read about product failure and monitoring failure but we have a winner when it comes to the monitoring business.

Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) has definitely made its name resound in the industry. Take a breather and get to know CMS.

Criticom Monitoring’s History and Reputation

Criticom has been around since 1984 providing the best monitoring that it can offer to all the existing alarm dealers. It has been crowned as the King of Monitoring Systems which can be backed up by the number of dealers that it is currently partnered with.

It serves all dealers and monitors systems nationwide with its strong service network. It assures its customers that regardless of any chaos happening, your system will be monitored 24/7.

The use of Digital transmission, Long-range radio, AES-Intellinet, Cellular, Internet (IP transmission), Remote video, Two-way voice, and GPS are what helps CMS provide stunning and accurate monitoring results.

Since CMS is more focused on collecting dealers rather than individual homeowners, it does not provide individual monitoring prices on its website. The need to call the business development department will arise for any pricing inquiry.

Though the business has not been accredited by BBB, it still stays clean with no reviews nor complaints and keeps hold of an A+ rating.

There has been one recorded complaint from Rip Off Report, however, it was leaning towards the faulty system and horrible customer support by a different company.  The only reason why CMS had been tagged was that it was the monitoring company partnered with the alarm dealer.

Plan Pricing and Services

Unfortunately, there are no available packages under Criticom. It is trying to focus on making better deals with Alarm or Security providers.

If you are a businessman who is trying to set up his own company, CMS has offers on PERS Systems along with the company Response Now wherein starting at just $69.00 you would be able to choose the medical security equipment and add-ons for you to sell.

There are no warranties for monitoring. If you would like to know the warranty of the equipment you have, you would need to contact the equipment manufacturer. In businesses, the owner has the privilege to extend the warranty by providing his own technician. If you have connections to these resources then you may do so.

CMS alarm monitoring reviews are very scarce. You can take all night to search the website and the internet but the only reviews you will get are the ones that do not even relate to the company at all.

We have seen some reports wherein customers have had useless alarm systems reactivated directly by CMS. Though the prices were undisclosed, we highly believe that CMS also provides remote and home monitoring services to homeowners.

Being a partner of Criticom Monitoring Services, you get the following perks with your discussed package:

  • Reporting – its CMS-Compass provides you the power to manipulate the user database, search customer history, create on-target reports, and manage all reports on alarm activity.
  • Technical Support – for those companies who wish to work on GSM and IP alarm systems, CMS provides 12 hours of support 5 days a week. If you have any questions or if you need to troubleshoot your monitoring system, all you need is to give tech support a call.
  • Data Management – access to the CMS-Compass gives you the power to check out all the data in real time. It is also an easy portal wherein you can stash away all of your reports or have them ready all in one click of a button.
  • Message Center – if you are busy having lunch, in a meeting, or simply going home after work, CMS has got you covered! The Message Center does its job by taking those late night calls for you. It collects information about sales leads, technical issues, and order requests. The personnel will have access to all customer accounts so they sound like an employee of your company.
  • Billing – As a businessman or company owner, you have loads of paperwork to do and counting your expenses is just not fit enough to be one of them! CMS provides you the Direct Subscriber Billing option wherein all of the reports needed to complete the payment process will be provided to you via the CMS-Compass network. You can also view your billing statements online using the tool.
  • Marketing Materials – as a CMS partner, it wants to take care of your business as a whole, This is why it will help you out with offering you awesome marketing ideas and materials to help boost your sales and customer leads. Your business is CMS’ business too.

Top Tips for Buyers

Criticom services all systems nationwide. So no matter where you are in the United States, it has you covered.

It focuses more on handling business accounts, however, if you already have the equipment, you may give CMS a call to see how much the cost could be to monitor your home.

If you are just about to start your company, make sure to always go with the pros. This will help build your reputation, and save your precious time and money from having to monitor systems yourself.

It has 3 UL listed and FM accredited monitoring stations. Even when one of the stations are at stake, you can count on the other two stations to monitoring every inch of your home.

As a homeowner, you can also build your own security system with CMS’ partners and then have it activated by CMS itself. That avoids the exaggeration of a contract.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

To be informed regarding the cancellation policies that Criticom provides, please contact the Business Development Department available in your state. You can check the “CONTACT US” section on the website for the specific contact information.

If you are a homeowner subscribed to CMS, you go by a month-to-month service. You would need to send a Letter of Cancellation with a 30-day notice.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating
  • Best Monitoring Service of the Year by SDM
  • Has monitoring packages for both Businessmen and Homeowners
  • Fully Accredited and has 3 central monitoring stations
  • Diverse monitoring devices and connections


  • Poor pricing transparency
  • No cancellation policy or Money Back Guarantee
  • No information regarding dealer warranties
  • Limited package and monitoring information for both company and homeowner

Among all other things, we would love to give a big thumbs up to Criticom for being the best service provider for the past 35 years. Whether you are a homeowner or Company Executive, we implore you to sign up with Criticom Monitoring Services.

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