Custom Security Review – Years in Service or Years of Getting Information?

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We have all seen companies that provide little information regarding their prices and policies but have you ever encountered one that does not provide any information at all?

Reviews strive to summarize all the information you need along with recommendations if it would be possible. We believe that if we find it hard to collect all of this information, you would have a hard time too. Not only that but it is also a huge waste of time.

Walk through our Custom Security System review and have a glimpse of what we mean.

Custom Security’s History and Reputation

Custom Security System has been servicing Baton Rouge, LA since 1978. Paired with Honeywell and First Alert, it assures all its customers that it has been up-to-date with technological advancements. Though it is considered as a celebrity brand in the industry, it isn’t considered as a leading brand due to its limited scope.

It provides a strong service through landline, broadband, and cellular signal throughout Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, it does not stretch its services nationwide.

This is where things get a little tight and tricky, in terms of pricing, we can’t really assure you whether it is a company that provides you affordable rates or expensive ones. After going through some customer comments, we were informed that one of the homeowners wanted to switch to CSS and was informed that it would cost $850 upfront. That’s kind of expensive knowing that other companies provide lower prices.

Custom Security System has been BBB accredited since March of 2015. It is so great to see that it does not have any reviews at all with an overall rating of A+. If you are looking for Custom Security System complaints, you will find only 1 complaint regarding receipt issues and reinstallation. This issue on BBB has been resolved as well.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlanCustomize Your Own Plan
Upfront Costs$300 ++
Monthly Fees$21.99 to $34.99


Depends on the equipment you choose to add along with the monitoring service that you will select. This will be provided by the consultant upon scheduling your appointment.

All First Alert equipment is provided with a lifetime warranty while the Honeywell products are under the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty should run a good 1 to 2 years.

So far no reviews regarding fluctuating prices have been provided. By this, we can assume that the company honors the monthly rate that it provides and keeps prices the same every billing period.

Since patrons customize their own packages, we believe that add-ons are widely available. Prices have not been provided on the website and you would need to call or schedule an appointment with Custom online.

Top Tips for Buyers

You should look elsewhere if you plan to do speed shopping. You won’t get all the info you want on the website.

Relocation is only possible if you plan to move within Baton Rouge. If not, save yourself from the stress and the hassle and get a wireless system.

Custom Security Systems has been in the industry for almost 40 years without much complaint from its customers. That should be a good sign of great customer service.

It discloses neither the contract length nor cancellation policy online. This means that it can be snaring you into a long-term commitment with a very difficult cancellation procedure.

It offers reasonable monthly fees for all customers.

If you need to contact the company, you’ll connect faster through e-mail.

No reports have been made regarding aggressive salesmen. This should give you the relief of not having to deal with those kinds of people.

There are mixed comments regarding customer service and tech support. We invite you to check out other user experiences prior to signing up with Custom Security.

Installation is done professionally. Only good reviews have been provided by users regarding the installers.

Has resolved the only complaint filed through BBB. It was completed in a very timely manner too. That gives the customer service people a thumbs up!

In terms of company name, there would be another Custom Security System in Washington. However, these two companies are in no way related to each other.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Custom Security provides a 12-month money back guarantee. If you feel that the security it provides does not fit your needs then you can return the system for a full refund. Just make sure that all items that came with the original installation are still 100% operational.

Unfortunately, due to the scarce provision of information, there is no contract length stated on the website nor BBB. We tried to reach Custom Security, however, was not provided with the information needed.  We highly advise that you clarify the length of the contract before signing any agreement.

Aside from the cancellation policy, no information has been given as well regarding the transfer or relocation. Though according to most customers, it would cost $300 and up to have the system reinstalled and reactivated.

You would need to contact Custom Security to see if any third party transfer would be possible. Since neither the contract length nor cancellation policy was disclosed, there is uncertainty regarding the ownership transfer procedure.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating and accredited
  • 40 years in security service
  • Has its own monitoring station
  • Lifetime warranty on most equipment
  • Multiple Monitoring options
  • Long Money Back Guarantee Window


  • Very Poor Website Transparency
  • Expensive Upfront Costs
  • Possible Lengthy Contract
  • Expensive Relocation Costs
  • Cancellation Policy is Not Provided
  • Does Not Provide Shopping Convenience

When we look at the Pros about Custom Security, it really entices the customer to sign up with the service. However, looking at the cons (which is always practical), we find too many holes that can entrap a consumer and give them the worst contract of their lives.

With the 40 years of service that it has provided, we would love to list Custom Security as one of our recommended security services but because of the horrible transparency, we would urge customers to look elsewhere or give suggestions to Custom with updating the website.

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