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It’s rare for consumers to see a home security provider that is very limiting in its own service or coverage area. Most of the companies today will compete with others on a nationwide scale.

Here we will discuss everything about EMC Security and why we have tagged it as the Exclusive Security Provider.

EMC Security’s History and Reputation

EMC Security was made possible through the help of Jackson EMC, Walton EMC, and GreyStone Power. It has been providing security services in Metro Atlanta and the greater Georgia areas since 1998. Using the funds of these three Electric conglomerates, EMC assures that it keeps up with progressing technology.

We can’t really declare that it is one of the leading brands in wireless home security mainly because of the limited coverage it has. However, due to the ranking and ratings, it has on numerous sites, it is one of the more recommendable service providers in Georgia.

Unfortunately, EMC only provides its services in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia. Though the service area is limited, it provides a very strong service network with its unfaltering connection.

Since pricing is not really provided on the website, we assume that you would need to purchase the equipment upfront. However, taking a look at the monthly fee, prices below $20 for a great service isn’t that horrible.

EMC Security is a BBB accredited company with a rating of A+. Currently, there are only 3 EMC Security complaints, which at this time, have all been resolved. No customer reviews have been placed on the website.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlansSelf-Install System
Installation & ActivationFREE
Equipment Fee$299
Monthly Fee$16.95
Main Features1 Keypad, 3 Door/Window Sensor, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Key Fob, 2 Yard Signs, 4 Stickers

EMC only provides 1 pre-made package. You would need to contact its call centers in order to customize your own system. The monitoring rate will start at $16.95.

EMC provides a 100% warranty for 1 year. This will cover replacement of parts and service labor.

The monthly price of $16.95 will stay the same. The only time that this fee will increase is if you add a cellular communicator or the mobile app control which would cost $7 each per month.

There are many options presented in terms of add-ons. You can purchase the cellular communicator for $149, a two-way voice keypad, security cameras, and smart-home devices. Due to poor pricing transparency, you would need to contact EMC for individual pricing.

EMC Security Installation costs are free. Since it services wireless security systems, it does not charge for service installation and activation. Manuals will be provided as guides to the installation process. You can also call tech support for on-phone assistance and testing.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you jump from state to state, you can leave the idea of signing up with EMC. It only serves 1 state – Georgia.

Focus on the security needs that you have then look for the best offers that suit your demands. This way you would be sure that you have gotten the perfect package that suits you.

If you think that it is easy to bring wireless systems along when you move, think again. It is fairly difficult to find a company that can service areas nationwide without having you locked into a contract.

Throughout the years, companies should expect bumps and turn down the road. This means that it can have both good and bad reviews, a couple of recommendations, and tons of complaints. If you see a lot of these when you look for a service provider, then don’t worry. It’s normal.

EMC has 3 payment options – Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. The default option that you will get as a first-time customer would be the Quarterly billing.

However, if you have been an existing customer of either Jackson EMC, Walton EMC, or GreyStone Power, you will be able to get the monthly billing privilege. This can even be added to your electricity bill so you can pay for it altogether.

Due to the poor transparency of the website, you would need to use more of your time to contact EMC for individual pricing.

It offers a self-install package. This is a promotional pre-made kit that will be delivered to your home. You have to option to purchase additional items at normal rates.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you signed with EMC and changed your mind soon after, you would need to contact EMC regarding the return policy. No information has been provided about the window wherein you can receive a full refund for the equipment purchased upfront.

EMC does not lock you into a binding agreement. To cancel the monitoring service, you would need to give EMC a call and ask to be transferred to the Cancellation Department. There are no fees associated with the cancellation of its service.

If you are planning to change your residence, you would need to contact customer service to see if the area of your new home would be under its coverage. Since the system is wireless, you should be able to pack it up and move it to the new home. If the new area is not covered, you would be transferred to the Cancellation Department for other options prior to canceling the service.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating with limited complaints
  • Free Installation and Activation
  • Low monthly fees
  • Various billing options
  • Good Customer Service and Tech Reps
  • Strong cellular connection


  • Limited Service Area (GA only)
  • High Upfront costs
  • Limited Warranty
  • Poor Pricing Transparency
  • No information on its return policy

You get what you pay for with EMC. Some reviews tell us that what you get is usually the appropriate service in accordance with its price. However, it seems that EMC has proven that it can provide stellar service at an affordable rate. It really depends on the service provider.

EMC Home Security is on the list of our recommended security systems. If you live in the state of Georgia, you should go try it out.

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