Fleenor Security Review – Finances or Brotherhood?

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Another company has popped up showing how having itself bought out would be the best solution to avoid bankruptcy or complete shutdown. However, in the case we have today, it seems that a branch of this company remains solid to its name without wanting to give in to the bigger entities.

Take some time to read our Fleenor Security Systems review and see what fate has decided between the two owners of the company.

Fleenor Security’s History and Reputation

With Mike Fleenor’s desire to work and polish his career in the security service industry, he decided to design and install his own systems in 1972. Not so long after in 1983, he was able to establish Fleenor Security Systems in Knoxville TN. Working on his own design while partnering along with Honeywell, Fleenor made sure that all the equipment would be up-to-date.

Fleenor has been around to serve a strong network along Eastern Tennessee. For almost 30 years of existence, it has not expanded its reach throughout the whole country.

The company has not provided any pricing on its website for both monthly and upfront fees. However, we have been given comments wherein the systems are worth the expense due to its stellar functioning.

Currently, Fleenor Security is a BBB accredited company with an overall rating of A+. There is only 1 recorded complaint wherein the issue is actually with the phone provider and not the security service.

Fleenor Security Systems in Knoxville, after 30 years of stellar service has been handed over to ASG (now Protection One under ADT), however, its other branch in Johnson City has considered itself a separate entity which is now being run under the supervision of Mike’s brother Norman.

Plan Pricing and Services

Due to the poor pricing transparency on the Fleenor website, you would need to contact the company to know the prices that come with the monitoring and equipment. This applies to all those who will be availing services from its office in Johnson City. Now, for those who would like to be served under the Knoxville office will have to follow the pricing provided by Protection One.

Check out our Protection One review to see the available pricing options for your security needs.

Here are the details that we were able to get from Fleenor about its services:

PlansCustomize Your Own Plan
Upfront Costs$600 ++
Monthly FeesStarts at $35.99
FeaturesDepends on the equipment you select to go along with the monitoring service.

There have been so many mixed reviews regarding the pricing. Some say that the upfront costs would reach to as much as $1900 and others have provided a $50 service or labor fee for every hour that a technician works on the equipment (for repairs).

Unfortunately, the warranty information is not provided on the website. Customers have stated that you would need to pay around $50 an hour in terms of service fees but no information regarding lifetime or limited product warranty has been provided.

There are no complaints regarding the monthly fees. In this case, we can confidently say that Fleenor does not increase the monthly pricing after any certain period.

As we take a peek on the website, it advertises a whole bunch of equipment that you can add on to your system. For pricing information, you would need to contact Fleenor Security.

Top Tips for Buyers

This company has very poor pricing transparency. We have tried to communicate via the submission form, however, no one has returned to us with a variety of options.

It doesn’t have an e-mail address for your concerns. Tough luck trying to squeeze that out of the internet too.

Fleenor has been in business for 40 years and more. It’s good to put your safety in a company that has honed itself for decades.

It does not have any warranty information so you can count on just getting the original product warranty which could run a good 1 to 2 years.

There have been reviews regarding technological issues, however, have always been resolved in a timely manner.

You can’t really bring the system along if you move out of state. The company only services the Eastern part of Tennessee.

Fleenor Security also provides its own security system design. So in terms of equipment, you may also choose an item under the Fleenor product design.

Fleenor does not have door-to-door salesmen. No more pushy and intrusive strangers!

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Fleenor Security Systems place customers under a 5-year contract. Any terms of cancellation have not been disclosed on the website. However, there are many cases wherein we have been informed that the contract is non-cancelable. Yes, you heard it right! There is no early termination procedure for this company.

Since it only services Tennessee, you will not be able to bring your system into a new home. There is no disclosure of ownership transfer as well. You would need to call customer service for all of this information.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • 40 years in business
  • Uses high-grade Honeywell Products
  • Endorses its own line of security products
  • Quick customer service and tech support response
  • Quick monitoring and alarm responses


  • Poor website and pricing transparency
  • 2 separate entities within the same state
  • Contracts are deemed non-cancelable
  • Possible Expensive upfront costs
  • Expensive service costs

Most people would want companies to put out the prices they provide for possible comparison. However, we do see that companies such as Fleenor may be holding back the prices in order to manipulate the callers into signing the 5-year contract.

We would like to recommend Fleenor Security because of its length of service in the industry but we urge the users to contact them and double check all the information such as pricing, cancellation, warranty, etc. just to be safe.

There are other transparent and national companies out there that can serve you better. Always go with what your gut is telling you.

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