General Security Review – What All You’d Be Missing?

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There are many companies that have been known to have their names either copied or they copy the company names themselves. You would actually know who copied who when it comes to the year of business establishment.

We will be diving into the history and progression of General Security Systems.

General Security’s History and Reputation

General Security Systems started in March of 1984. Using Aiphone, Honeywell, Qolsys, and other company manufactured equipment, General Security has kept up-to-date with all possible technological advancements. General Security is a well-known security provider in greater New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Long Island.

Despite the limited service area, General Security aims to provide one of the strongest networks in the country. There is no information regarding the individual prices, however, some user comments state that there are many issues in regards to expensive upfront prices. A ballpark price that was provided was around $531 for equipment.

General Security has been BBB accredited since January of 2010 with an overall rating of A+. So far there are only four (4) registered complaints focusing on billing issues.

Another company with the same name also serves Canada. General Security Systems CA is not related to the US company in any way. The two companies have also been established in different years. The one in Canada was created in the 50’s while the one servicing the United States was established in 1984.

Plan Pricing and Services

Due to the poor pricing transparency on the website, you would need to contact the company in order to customize your own system and get individual add-on pricing.

Here are the prices that we were able to collect upon further research:

PlansCustomize Your Own Plan
Upfront Costs$500 ++
Monthly Fees$41.95 – $69.95
FeaturesDepends on the equipment of choice that will be added to the monthly monitoring plan.

The warranty depends on the plan that you will customize. There is no information on how long the warranty will last so if you decide on giving General Security a chance, verify the warranties on all of the products and labor.

There have been no complaints regarding price hikes. We can definitely expect that the monthly monitoring fees will stay the same.

Aside from the additional home monitoring equipment, you can also add on a medical emergency alarm for $299.00 and a monthly fee of $19.95.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you change your residence frequently, then you should consider getting a different provider. It only serves a limited area.

The website does not post pricing and warranty information. Calls have to be made in order to see if the company is fit for you.

It has only 4 complaints within the past 33 years of its business. This provides you the confidence that the company can resolve issues in a timely manner.

General Security System reviews are mixed when it comes to the cancellation procedure so you can expect that the cancellation process will be difficult.

It has built partnerships with Honeywell, Qolsys, Aiphone,, First Alert, and other companies that are known to provide stellar services nationwide.

You can reach General Security via phone and e-mail, whichever will be more convenient.

The website is not updated in terms of promotions and information. Please be guided accordingly.

It has been in the business for 33 years. Most of its customers are still with the company as of this day.

The system is professionally installed. There are no DIY options for the customer. Be aware of the instructions that will be provided in order to resolve minor issues on your own.

The company has its own UL accredited monitoring station on Long Island. The reach of this station goes from greater New York to North Carolina.

The company responses slowly via email so you will really need to give customer service a call for any concerns.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Unfortunately, no information regarding the money back guarantee procedure has been provided. Before signing the contract with General Security, make it a point to clarify the money back guarantee window.

General Security provides some systems for free as long as you sign the 5-year contract. If you choose to pay for the equipment upfront, you will be given the chance to either have a 1-year contract or be serviced on a month-to-month basis.

In order to cancel your contract, you would need to send the company a Letter of Cancellation and pay the remaining balance of the contract.

There is no information on moving the system. We highly believe that it is possible to move the system equipment to your new home, however, the fees that may be assessed may vary depending on the size of your own and the number of equipment to be installed.

Like most companies, General Security also provides an option wherein a third party customer will be able to take over your account. The new homeowner would need their credit score evaluated and then sign a new 5-year contract with the same monthly rate

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating
  • Minimal registered complaints
  • Long years in service
  • Multiple equipment options
  • Multiple Manufacturing Partners
  • Professionally installed systems
  • Provides resolutions in a timely manner


  • Poor website transparency
  • Long contracts
  • Mixed reviews about billing and cancellation procedures
  • Expensive Upfront and Monthly costs
  • No information about money back guarantees
  • No warranty information
  • Slow responses to email

Now that we have most of the information to get you started on your journey with General Security, you would just need to head on to your phone and give General Security a call for your next security system.

Though the service provided seems promising, we would not really recommend the company due to its poor pricing transparency and lack of updated website information. These factors really make a reputation for companies but we believe that General Security may be too engrossed in the work to update any information.

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