GeoArm Security Review – The Rose Amongst the Thorns?

GeoArm Security Review

Ever wonder why some home security providers don’t have reviews? Still looking for comments on these companies on BBB? Well in some cases, we do believe that the only reason why reviews or comments are made is that of the company’s terrible business practices.

This is why GeoArm Security has caught our attention. Pleasantly, we have come across many GeoArm reviews and found it to be positive. Read and learn about how it has come to reach success.

GeoArm Security’s History and Reputation

GeoArm Security was created back in 2008 by its mother company, Alarm Club. Alarm Club has been serving all 50 states for the past 19 years, having a great deal of business.

GeoArm is basically a hub of all the best home security manufacturers in the country. It accommodates customer needs with different equipment providers like Honeywell, DSC, 2GIG Tech, etc. It also offers home monitoring services from brands like and Total Connect.

Having all the brands simply put on one website makes GeoArm’s technical innovation unbeatable. It has access to all the new equipment and even when it’s based in West Palm Beach, still have strong service network connections nationwide.

Unlike most companies who offer equipment credit but have expensive monthly fees, GeoArm strives to provide the price of the masses. It is known to have one of the cheapest monitoring services as well as relatively affordable equipment prices.

GeoArm, a.k.a. Alarm Club currently has a BBB rating of C-. If you would check the page, it has a total of only 4 reviews wherein 3 are negative. The GeoArm complaints are mostly because of bad encounters with customer service.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlansNo-Contract Package$0 Down Package
Installation, Activation & Upfront Costs$200 to $700 + $1 Activation FeeFREE
Monthly FeesStarts from $8
Main FeaturesDepends on the Manufacturer and items you purchase

The plans and services provided by GeoAlarm solely depend on the manufacturer that you will be choosing.

The No-contract package is a no-brainer. You would be able to select the equipment that you want to have in your home, then select the applicable monitoring package that fits your needs best. This will be charged on a month-to-month basis.

The $0 Down Package is for people who are tight on budget. In this package, you will not have any upfront costs. There will be pre-made packages (depending on the manufacturer) that will have a monthly price with a 36-month contract. The equipment will still be owned by the company at the end of the contract.

You can also purchase additional equipment on the website and the range of the prices would start at $50 up to $500 per piece.

Top Tips for Buyers

It is better for customers to start with fairly high monthly monitoring fees for no contract rather than the $0 down package that locks you into a 36-month contract.

The GeoArm website typically has everything. You can shop, cancel, submit the “move address” request, etc. It is very transparent and user-friendly.

DIY is its main focus. From purchasing the equipment and choosing the monitoring package to installation. If you have difficulties in installation, you can contact the Tech support center and the techs would be able to help you through the whole installation and connection test on the phone.

If you are a tech-savvy person, it provides a very well-detailed manual for instruction and testing. No need to contact tech support for that one.

We recommend buyers to read reviews on equipment rather than GeoArm itself. Since it offers 15 different brands, your decision will come from choosing the right brand and equipment.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Cancelling the service and hoping for a refund? This is only applicable within the first 30 days upon activation of your system. You can contact GeoArm and have the equipment returned as well as have the service monitoring canceled. There would be a 20% restocking fee when this is done.

If you chose the No-contract package with GeoArm, you would need to simply log on to its site and submit the cancellation request online. If you went with the $0 Down package, then like all other companies, you would need to submit the cancellation request online, then pay the remaining balance of the contract.

Planning to move? No worries! It has options for you to move as well! You can easily uninstall the equipment and bring it to the new home. All you have to do is go to the GeoArm site, head on to the “move address” portion, submit the information of both the old and new house, and simply do the move.

Due to the versatility of GeoArm, it services a lot of brands. This means that if you moved into a new home with an alarm system installed in it, all you would have to do is collate the system information and give GeoArm a call for it to activate the monitoring.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • You can choose whether to have a contract or not
  • You can choose whether to have a contract or not
  • Low activation and monthly fees
  • Plenty of positive reviews on other review sites
  • Variety of equipment and monitoring plans
  • Very transparent website
  • Has both DIY and Professional Installation


  • Low BBB rating
  • 3-year contracts to obtain the lowest monthly rates
  • Slow equipment shipping
  • Limited/Factory warranty
  • Expensive installation cost ($99)
  • No option to transfer account to a new owner
  • Complaints regarding sales and customer service
  • Slightly confusing website management

Actually, if you take a look at GeoArm, it seems like an ordinary eCommerce platform, however it does more than just sell equipment – it also sells home monitoring. So you can pay using PayPal, Amazon, or even your credit card.

Many still have the fear that GeoArm may be too good to be true. However, looking at the rate of customers reviews on other sites like Top ten reviews, A Secure Life, etc., gives you the assurance of its great service and quality.

Remember to always focus on your family’s security. If you focus on saving instead of overall security, then you will definitely have a difficult time looking for the security system that fits you best.

After making plenty of reviews for security systems, we can personally say that we’ve finally found a company that we can highly recommend!

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