Habitec Security Review – Is There Any Horrible Truths Behind?

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There are many customers that willingly sign exaggeratingly long contracts. Companies are expected to provide all the information needed prior to getting the sale. However, some sales representatives tend to go the easy way and sometimes lie about the actual contract length.

Let’s see how Habitec Security has been doing and what kind of resolution it provides to its misinformed customers.

Habitec Security’s History and Reputation

Habitec Security was established in Holland, Ohio back in 1972. Due to its good reviews over the last four decades, it has been ranked number 60 in the Best Home Security Awards by SDM. It has partnered up with Honeywell and First Alert ensuring its provided equipment is up-to-date.

Habitec Security has built a strong service connection throughout the last 46 years. Currently, it only serves Ohio and Michigan.

Upon reviewing some user comments, the company leans toward expensive upfront and monthly fees. However, there are very limited complaints regarding product functionality.

Habitec Security has been BBB accredited since 1983 and has received an A+ rating. Despite the great rating, there are mixed reviews about the company as a whole. All four registered complaints on BBB is in regards to disclosing the contract length.

It is currently the number one security company in the state of Ohio. Plenty of product reviews praise the company for its exceptional service which give Habitec the bragging rights to claim that it is the best out of its competitors.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlanEssential SecurityEssential Security PlusSafety Special
Upfront CostsStarts at $200FREE
Monthly Fees$39.00$45.00$29.95

3 Door Sensors, 1 Motion Detector,

Remote Access,

Home Automation,

Low Temp Detector,

Phone Notification,

Key Fob,

Control Panel

Essential Security + Cellular Communication

Free Equipment Use, Free Lock Box (worth $34.95 value)

Next Day Installation

Habitec provides a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. Any service calls after the warranty will incur (undisclosed) charges.

Locking you into an agreement means that the monthly fee will not increase over time. Generally, Habitec offers an initial 5-year term. If you retain a good standing after the initial term, choices between 1 and 5-year contracts will become available wherein the warranties would be flexible to the contract length you choose to sign.

You can choose to purchase sensors, detectors, and other items as add-ons to go along with your desired package. However, due to poor pricing transparency on the site, you would need to call Habitec for individual pricing

Top Tips for Buyers

Habitec Security has limited service areas. If you move frequently then we suggest looking for different wireless security systems.

It has a bad reputation for disclosing the real length of the contract. You may want to double check the front and back of the contract plus the fine print before signing the agreement.

If you would like to have a system run on a month-to-month basis, then Habitec is definitely not your choice. It has an initial term of 5 years for all new customers. Only after the first term would you be able to select better contract policies.

It has a very short warranty. If you need repairs or replacements after the warranty then that would be an out of pocket expense.

If you plan to sign that contract, you will be locked into a 5-year initial contract wherein you can pay every month or sign up for the semi-annual billing scheme.

The company responds fast to any issues so if ever you experience any problems with the equipment, you can contact tech support or customer service to have it resolved.

It has a great Medical Safety Package. It’s affordable and efficient as per customer reviews. The 2-way voice feature on the pendant is very effective for emergency situations.

The company is not really transparent on all of the needed information. It provides limited information regarding the pricing, cancellation policy, or warranty. You may want to contact the company for more information.

The system will be professionally installed so make sure you pay attention to every detail and instruction.

Unfortunately, Habitec is currently facing a lawsuit from one of its customers due to the destruction of private property caused by reckless installation. In the case provided, the customer claims that the technician destroyed around $700 worth of valuable art sculptures.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Any information on Money Back Guarantees has not been provided on the website. No reviews have been written regarding the said topic as well. You may want to give the company a call to see if there would be any “full refund” options.

If you resort to canceling Habitec’s services, you need to submit a Letter of Cancellation via Fax or E-mail. This information will be provided when you voice out your intentions with customer service. This would also need a 30-day notice. If you are still in your initial term of 5 years, you would need to pay the remaining balance of the agreement.

Unfortunately, since the coverage area of Habitec is really limited, it does not offer any relocation packages or options. You would need to cancel the contract and pay any outstanding balances that you have. However, since the equipment will be yours, you can transport it to a new home and check if any nearby security providers can reactivate the system.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Good Medical Safety Product
  • 46 years in business
  • Best security system provider in Ohio
  • Partnered with Honeywell and First Alert
  • Free Professional Installation


  • Contract Disclosure Issues
  • Expensive Upfront and Monthly Fees
  • Lengthy Contracts
  • No relocation options
  • Expensive cancellation fees
  • Reported rude customer service

Now that we have summarized most of the Habitec Security System Reviews, we can say that it is a recommendable service for all those who reside in Ohio or Northern Michigan.

Despite our recommendation, we urge you to read and understand your contract completely and let your better judgment take you over when you make a decision.

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