Hunter Security Review—Obscure Local Operator?

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In any industry, local and small-town companies are often less visible. Their limited resources also translate to limited advertising and marketing.

For the most part, that’s okay as these providers only service a small area. Such is the case with Hunter Security. It’s relatively unknown to clients outside of its service area.

Hunter Security also has a sort of quirk as it shares names with other security providers such as Hunter Surveillance. However, aside from its otherwise common name, is the local company any good?

Let’s see how it compares to the rest of the competition.

Hunter Security’s History and Reputation

The small company was established in 1978. Throughout its 40 years of experience in the industry, the company has grown to serve the Gulf Coast. The logo of the company is a golden diamond with a letter H in the middle.

It not only serves homes and businesses, but it also provides solutions for colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and governments.

Hunter Security partners with DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) to provide solutions for its clients. It also features an in-house monitoring. This shows that the company probably has a somewhat capable service.

The company suffers from a lack of online transparency. It’s easily confusable with other service providers. It also lacks a lot of information on its official website.

In terms of the Better Business Bureau, the company is currently not accredited. It also has no customer reviews and complaints as of writing. The company does maintain a rating of A+ though.

Plan Pricing and Services

Hunter Security offers landline and cellular security solutions. It only offers customized systems and has no definite plans and packages for the customer to choose from. The company caters to both residential and commercial establishments.

The following are some of the features of its residential security system:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Hold-up/Panic
  • Video surveillance
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Cellphone apps (for home automation)

Meanwhile, the company offers a commercial security system which has the following features:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Hold-up/Panic
  • Video monitoring
  • Gate control
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Temperature alerts
  • Opening and closing reports
  • Cellphone apps (for automation)

Hunter Security also offers a home automation feature which builds from the automation options already included in the security solutions. This home automation allows the user to record video from a smartphone and adjust lights, locks, and thermostats. The features are notably limited though.

The basic devices and features included in all of the solutions include the following:

  • Mobile application
  • Backup battery
  • Live-feed video cameras
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 5 door and window sensors
  • Sirens
  • Signs and stickers

All of the equipment is professionally installed. They’re also under a warranty period of 2 years, which is shorter than what other companies offer.

The company offers warranty plans though. These plans are based on the customer’s needs and include the costs of the equipment, service calls, and damages due to lightning strikes.

You would also need to pay for the equipment in full before it can be installed. The upfront costs can reach up to $700 and beyond.

The site offers no pricing information on its packages. A customer reports, however, that the monthly price starts at around $25. This puts the company at an around average pricing point.

Top Tips for Buyers

The company doesn’t offer any definite plans. It requires an in-home consultation to allow it to customize to suit the customer’s needs.

As the company only serves a limited area, it might be best to go with another company if you think you’d be moving in the near future.

Hunter Security only offers relatively basic solutions and devices. Particularly in your business, you might need more services than the company is able to provide.

Watch out for the upfront costs as they can shoot high up, so better be prepared. On the flip side though, the equipment is yours to keep.

As there is barely any information for the customer to make an informed decision, it’s best to find people who are using Hunter Security and ask about their experiences.

When you have a representative over to perform a consultation, make sure to ask for crucial information. This should include the full list of equipment, the monthly charge, and contract information.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Hunter Security’s contract periods are unknown. The average length of contract periods in the home security industry is between three to five years. It’s safe to say that the company’s contract is also within this range.

Reportedly, the company offers a month-to-month contract which allows for easier termination. However, it is also reported that the company’s cancellation fee is high. It’s possible that you have to pay the remaining balance before you can end the contract early.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Offers solution to multiple establishments and institutions


  • Limited availability
  • High upfront costs
  • Limited home automation features
  • Lack of information and online visibility

Hunter Security System reviews and complaints are few, mostly due to the fact that the company is fairly small and localized. For interested customers, the lack of information that the company provides on its website is discouraging.

The company is also easily confused with other companies thanks to the similarities in names. And also, it isn’t entirely visible and transparent with its services and associated costs. It’s also not accredited and boasts no recognition or certification.

It should also be noted that with high upfront costs and limited home automation features, Hunter Security is at a disadvantage compared to other security companies.

However, with the few reviews that the company has, customers seem to be generally pleased. It may be that the company lacks transparency but offers good quality services. Also, its offerings and services are quite competitive in spite of the small size of the company.

If you’re living in the area that Hunter Security serves, the company seems to be a pretty decent choice. That is, if you can look past the hassle that in-house consultations would bring. Otherwise, there are other companies for you to choose from.

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