LifeShield Security Review – As Bad As It Gets?

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There are a lot of entities that go through massive changes such as acquisitions and mergers. It has been a tradition wherein big companies try to monopolize the market by buying out smaller firms that compete with them. Big companies do not stay the way they are – they look to expand in other fields to make more money.

Let’s take a look at the changes that LifeShield has gone through over the years.

LifeShield Security’s History and Reputation

LifeShield Security was founded back in 2004. It started its base operations at Pennsylvania at the time. During the run of LifeShield, it was coined to be the Inventor of Wireless Security Systems. In 2013, it was acquired by DirecTV as it wanted to spread its control over TV, Internet and Home Security. Not long after, it was bought out by AT&T Digital Life in 2016.

LifeShield Security provides a strong service network with the help of AT&T nationwide. It also has very affordable equipment, however, most of the LifeShield Home Security complaints target the durability and lifespan of the items that come with the kit.

Though it is not a BBB accredited company, it is still given the rating of A+. This is provided due to its quick response to complaints on the site. Take note that all of the reviews on the BBB site are 100% negative.

Plan Pricing and Services

PLANSSecurity EssentialsSecurity AdvantageSecurity Professional
Install and ActivateFREE
Monthly Fees$29.99$39.99$49.99
Features1 Keypad, 1 keychain remote, 1 security touchpad, 1 motion sensor, 4 door/window sensors, 1 yard sign, 2 window stickersEssentials +

1 motion sensor, 2 door/window sensors, 1 indoor security cam, 1 cloud video storage

Advantage +

2 door/window sensors, 1 indoor security cam, 1 glass break sensor

LifeShield provides a limited warranty of 1 year for all equipment provided. Once the warranty ends, you will be advised to make purchases for any replacements that you may need.

Monthly pricing has not been seen to fluctuate so you can trust that the monitoring fees will stay the same until the end of the contract.

There are many options to choose from when you think about add-ons. Here are the items that you can purchase with and its prices:

  • Door/Window Sensor – $50
  • Motion Sensor – $100
  • Security Touchpad – $150
  • Keychain Remote – $50
  • Entry Keypad – $100

All packages come with 24/7 professional alarm monitoring and access to advanced mobile apps. Access to the mobile applications gives you the power to remotely monitor your home.

Top Tips for Buyers

It is the first company to provide wireless security systems. You will be able to bring all the equipment with you if you choose to change houses.

You would need to self-install the equipment in your home. If you are not familiar with the process, you can contact the tech support department for a step-by-step tutorial. Manuals will also be provided in the kit.

It offers a free security system upon signing up for its services. However, upon cancellation or end of the contract, you would need to return the equipment to the main office. If not done within 21 days from the issuance of the RMA, you would be charged around $280 – $400.

The basic package requires a landline connection. This could raise your monthly billing with other utility providers.

In order to sign with Lifeshield, you would need to actually own the house you will live in. It does not accept applicants who stay in leased apartments.

You have the option to sign a 36 or 60-month contract. Both contracts will auto-renew if you do not provide the company with a 30-day notice of cancellation or contract termination. The auto-renew scheme has been exposed in some LifeShield Home Security reviews.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you have already purchased the system and suddenly change your mind, you will have 7 days from the time of activation to return it for no fee.

Canceling the 36-month contract would require you to submit a Letter of Cancellation. You would need to pay the termination fee of $15 multiplied by the remaining number of months of the service agreement.

The early termination fee of $9 will be multiplied by the number of remaining service months if you choose to cancel the 60-month contract.

Frequently moving homes? Then LifeShield will be able to move with you. Since it provides a wireless system, you can simply pack them up in a box and bring it to the next house. Prior to moving, you would need to contact life shield to inform it of the new address. Customer service will reactivate the system for you once it has been set up.

Unfortunately, no information has been provided regarding account transfers. You would need to contact lifeshield for more information regarding this procedure (if it even allows the procedure to be done).

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Affordable Monthly Fees and NO upfront cost
  • Nationwide Service
  • Wireless System Pioneer


  • Lengthy Contracts
  • No information Regarding Transfer to a 3rd party owner
  • Reported Service Failure after the AT&T Acquisition
  • Limited Warranty

Being one of the pioneers in the home security industry will definitely give a company many reviews – good and bad. Especially when it is titled as an Inventor, then it would certainly have eyes watching every single mistake you make.

It is very astounding how LifeShield still manages to be in the top 50 leading security systems in America.

LifeShield Home Security has been in the business for quite a while. Reviews for the original services were stellar, however, it seems that it’s made a pretty bad decision with its mergers. It has been going downhill since then.

If not for the recent service failures, then maybe LifeShield would still be top of its game and making its customers more than happy to stay.

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