NorthStar Alarm Review – A Path To Avoid?

NorthStar Alarm reviews

Once you hear the term “North Star”, you will most likely remember the brightest star in the night sky that was somehow connected to religion. This star leads you to the baby in the manger, providing you complete safety and security along the way.

NorthStar Alarm has been around long enough to be able to create a name for itself. If you are planning to purchase the security offered by the company, it is highly suggested you weigh out your options and make a stern decision after checking out NorthStar Home Security reviews.

NorthStar Alarm Service’s History and Reputation

NorthStar started its operations in Ohio back in the year 2000. Since then, it has since been known for selling Honeywell Security products and offering its own monitoring service. Though it has served a great number of homes through the years, the “Leading Security Brand in the Market” is simply not its tagline.

NorthStar Alarm complaints have risen through the years, most of these pointing out the deception in sales strategies, and the very long contract.

NorthStar only provides its service across 22 states. Services are available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, D.C., Denver, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

NorthStar has received positive reviews on its strong service network and reception.

NorthStar offers top-notch equipment that is manufactured by Honeywell. The prices are already high (which should be worth it), however, the case here is that NS serves as a retailer. By that being pointed out, it tends to overprice the item.

As of today, though it is not yet an accredited BBB company, it has received a business rating of A+. You have to admit that someone can easily pay to make a rating better. If you scout the page, there are 211 customer reviews that have 69% of the reviews are positive. On the other end, there have been 384 separate complaints regarding cancellation and transfer policies.

Plan Pricing and Services

There are 5 plans made available by NorthStar which has plenty of additional options as well;

Basic – the Basic package covers security for your home. Complete with the LYNX touch panel, 1 motion detector, and 3 door/window sensors. ($1,275 in equipment costs)

Bronze – Basic package + Smart garage (1 Garage lock), and remote web and mobile access to the garage lock. ($1,500)

Silver – Bronze package minus the remote access to the garage, + 1 Thermostat, mobile access and temperature control, and programming schedule. ($2,350)

Gold – Silver package + 1 Z-Wave Door lock. ($2,650)

Platinum – Gold package + Video monitoring which includes 2 Static IP Camera, and remote access to live feed as well as recorded images. ($3,250)

All of these plans have a wireless installation, two-way voice feature, mobile control, and e-mail and text notifications.

The monthly fees run at $29.95 to $74.95. These prices may change but due to the lack of transparency both on the website and its customer service, we are unable to determine the frequency of the changes.

NorthStar provides a lifetime warranty on all its equipment. It will charge you a $35 service fee for every technician sent to your home to fix the system. This fee will be waived for the first 90 days of the contract.

There are many add-ons available for the packages. Here is the list of additional items you can choose from:

  • Glass Break Detector – $150
  • Outdoor Contact – $150
  • Panic Pendant – $75
  • Key Fob – $75
  • CO Detector – $225
  • Smoke Detector – $150
  • Flood/Temperature Sensor – $150

Top Tips for Buyers

Make sure to read the contract and match it to the electronic contract that the sales representative will provide you. Most complaints come from the mismatch of these 2 documents.

If you are looking for affordable wireless security, NorthStar is NOT for you. It is really expensive.

Don’t let those salespeople come into your home. They tend to be aggressive and discriminative as well.

If you are interested in the NorthStar Security service, we suggest you purchase the Platinum package. Since the cost is already expensive upfront, why not go all the way?

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

You have to be sure about sticking to the 60-month contract. You are considered locked in the contract once you sign it. NorthStar does not offer any window to cancel the policy for no fee.

In the event that you would like to cancel the policy, you would need to pay the remaining balance of the contract. The contract runs for 60 months. If you wish to end the service, you would need to send NorthStar a letter of cancellation. Once you have done this, it will provide you with the final invoice and send a technician to uninstall and pack up the items/equipment.

If you choose to relocate, there will be a $99 relocation fee in order to have the system installed in your new home. If the new homeowners of your previous house would like to retain the system, you would need to contact NorthStar in order to have the account transferred to the new owner. Fees have not been disclosed on the terms and conditions of the site.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • State-of-the-art equipment manufactured by Honeywell
  • Small service fees
  • Known to avoid false alarms
  • A+ rating on BBB


  • Lengthy contracts.
  • No free cancellation if you change your mind
  • Deceptive sales practices
  • Aggressive door-to-door salesmen
  • Automatic Contract Renewals
  • Lacks transparency for prices and policies on the website
  • Expensive upfront cost

If we were you, we would try and avoid all companies that offer such a long contract. No one really stays too long in one home.

The BBB rating contradicts the recent and majority of the reviews. When researching on the reputation of a company, make sure to focus on the comments and reviews, not the ratings.

NorthStar has lengthy contracts, aggressive salesmen, and customer service that doesn’t really help you out. Try reconsidering your decision when it comes to this company.

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