Peak Alarm Review – Worth Your Top Dollar?

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Hiring a local security provider has tremendous advantages. For one, you can visit the company and request to see its facilities and equipment. Second, you give back to your community. Third, it can offer you same day service. Love what you’re hearing?

These are a few of the gains in hiring Peak Alarm. Are you in the market for a security company? Read this Peak Alarm Review first and see if this is the company for you.

Peak Alarm’s History and Reputation

A company recognized as one of the largest security providers in the Midwest area. Peak Alarm is a local, full- security service provider since 1969. Full- security provider means it offers service, install, monitoring, and guards.

The company is one of the national leaders in Security, Fire, and Automation industry. Its corporate headquarters sits in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can visit other branches in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Incidentally, the company ranked 58th largest company in the 2016 SDM 100 Rankings. Moreover, it is UL Listed/5 Diamond Certified 24-Hour Central Monitoring. UL listed means its monitoring system passed the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) requirements. Likewise, the 5 Diamond Certification means the company passed The Monitoring Association’s 5 Diamond Program.

A quick look at Better Business Bureau website shows that Peak Alarm received an A+ rating. Yet the company isn’t BBB accredited. Based on the two reviews the company scored 4.34 out of 5 stars. The one complaint it received pertains to the client’s contract.

Though it received an A+ rating from BBB, other forums differ and give it a 3.0 rating. Over-all it received an 8.8 score from four reviewers. Reports say clients are unhappy with the company’s rate and contract. It further discloses that signing a three-year contract covers the installation cost. If you opt for a monthly plan, it will be a different story.

Another forum gives the company a 3.5-star rating out of three reviews. One complaint it received pertains to problems with the system and staff service.

Plan Pricing and Services

Peak Alarm invites everyone to its “Peak Alarm is with you” experience. The security system goes beyond protection from break-ins. It also monitors for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

The company website does not provide details involving rates and warranty. Peak Alarm believes in customizing every client’s security needs. Thus, it doesn’t allow purchasing over the phone.

One forum mentioned that Peak Alarm offers a 90-day labor warranty plus a 1-year parts warranty. This policy is government mandated.

Let’s look at what Peak Alarm has to offer:

PEAKAlarm Burglary – This system offers motion, door, and window contact detectors, to ward off burglaries. Along with a glass break sensor and a keypad where you can control your security system.

Under its Burglar package is the new PEAKLink package. A reviewer in one forum shares the following pricing:

Activation, Install & Equipment$349.00
Cellular Monthly fees$64.00
Contract Length36 Months
FeaturesZ-wave plus certified panel, Single-screen zone programming, Easy-to-see status, 7” color capacitive touch screen

PEAKAlarm Life Safety – The system monitors for fire and carbon monoxide. It includes a smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detector.  Plus a panic button device to call for help during an emergency.

PEAKAlarm Touch – A system which allows home automation thru your mobile device. Conveniently swipe your mobile to control your alarm, lighting, doors, cameras, and thermostat. This eliminates the need to return home twice to check if you remembered to lock the door.

PEAKAlarm Security Cameras – Choose from a variety of indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. Need to leave the kids with a nanny? Install an indoor camera and track what’s happening inside your home thru your mobile.

Worth to add is doorbell cameras. Installing this allows you to see who is on your front door straight from your tablet, PC, or smartphone. Buying the Network Video Recorder lets you save videos up to 365 days.

PEAKAlarm Extra Detectors – An add-on feature for your safety. This feature detects if the room temperature is a bit high or low. It can detect water presence too. Advisable for homes with basements often flooded.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you are living in the Midwest area consider the benefits of hiring a local company. As a local company, it is proficient in the area and can tell you the best-tailored security system you need.

The same day service the company boasts applies to same day appointments. You can request a security expert to check your home and demo equipment. If something is unclear, raise it up with your local representative. Never sign a contract until everything is clear to you.

As an incentive to clients, Peak Alarm employees went through a rigorous process to get hired. The company claims employees signing a bond for added assurance.

Furthermore, you don’t need to dial overseas to contact Dispatch Center. Its dispatch center is in Utah. At times of emergencies, staff can reach your home the soonest possible time.

Need to replace equipment? Peak Alarm owns a warehouse stocked with replacements parts. No need to wait for shipment of supplies.

You may check other Peak Alarm system review to help you decide.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

The website doesn’t mention any details about cancellation of the contract prior to the contract expiration.

One forum discloses that the company charges when a client cancels before the end of a contract. Whether it charges the entire balance of the contract or just a part of it is not very clear.

Another forum states it works with other partners if you are moving outside the Midwest area. As to which security / alarm providers, is still not indicated.

The best way to squeeze out the lacking information is to call a representatives from Peak Alarm to ask for a quotation and discuss those items they did not include on their website.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • UL Listed/5 Diamond Certified 24-Hour Central Monitoring Station
  • Owns a warehouse. No need to wait for shipment of supplies.
  • No need to dial overseas. Local Dispatch Center
  • Company claims same day service


  • Services cover the Midwest area only
  • Limited details on website about fees and contract
  • Reports of pricey rates
  • Reports of complaints with the system and service
  • Report of complaints with staff service

A keen look at our review shows that Peak Alarm is a sensible contender. Other providers may come cheap but provide low-quality service. Always remember that quality comes with a price.

And with the Peak Alarm, as long as they are able to provide clear-cut details of the contract, it will be a formidable choice in the field.

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