Protection One Review – Not Worth The Price?

Protection One Review

You must be tired of having to go through so many websites and comments just to find the correct home security provider. Well, to put it simply, you will never know the feeling until you actually try it. However, we would like to advise you that the feeling you are gonna get may not be pleasant, especially when that feeling is provided for  3 to 5 years.

We’ll be guiding you through one of America’s leading home security providers – Protection One. This review will summarize what everyone has said about it and what everyone has gone through with it.

Protection One’s History and Reputation

Protection 1 was founded in 1988 by PacifiCorp Inc. and has served 30 years as one of the leading security providers in the country. It has gone through many mergers in the past as a way of updating its service and technology. It has merged with companies like Western Energy, Integrated Alarm Services Group Inc. (IASG), and now has merged with America’s leading brand in home security services – ADT LLC.

Protection One services several cities in all 50 states. You can find the information on the footing of the page (Local Service Areas).

Many Protection 1 security reviews have helped establish its name in the industry. These reviews state that it has state-of-the-art equipment along with a good service network.

Though there have been good reviews about the company, it is still considered to be very expensive, especially when it comes to the monthly billing and cancellation policy (Early Termination Fee). Even though the monthly costs are pricey, it still provides the quality service that you deserve.

Protection One is a BBB accredited business. If you check the page under its name, there is currently no rating available, but a link to the ADT page. It is now an associated ADT service provider with a rating of A+. So far Protection One has 54 reviews on BBB wherein 5 reviews are positive and the rest of the 49 are negative. That gives it a 91% negativity rate.

On the other hand, ADT LLC has obtained a 94% negative review count on the sight despite its actual rating. We advise that you read through the comments and submitted reviews to see if Protection One is a good fit for your home.

Plan Pricing and Services

PlansSecureSecure +Smart ControlVideo
Installation & Activation$99.00$99.00$99.00$99.00
Monthly Fees$34.99$44.99$49.99$54.99
Main FeaturesTouch Control Panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, key fob, Yard sign, 3 window decals, battery backup, 5-day weather forecastSecure package + 2-way voice feature, Cellular Alarm Signal, No need for landlineSecure package + web & mobile control, Image motion sensor, Disarm alerts, thermostat control, control lighting, door locks, and GEO fencing tech.Secure package + Video via phone or web, indoor, night-vision camera.

In addition to this list of packages, it also offers a promotional Self-Install plan for $21.49. Under this package, you must purchase a $5 limited time warranty. Equipment credit is not added to the website and calls to Protection One must be made to customize your package.

All packages have a limited time warranty. This allows you to have any repairs or replacements done for the first 90 days. After the said time limit, the customer will be charged for services, repairs, and replacements.

The monthly monitoring fee will stay the same not unless you choose to upgrade your package. Once upgrades have been made, you would need to sign another 36-month (24 months for California) contract.

There are a lot of add-on options available on the site. For pricing, you would need to call in so that customer service can provide discounted rates depending on the package.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you change your address frequently, we highly recommend that you get a wireless system instead. Protection 1 offers to relocate your system but it only has limited coverage.

We suggest not to get the self-install package. If you come into any problems, customer support or tech support may not be able to help you since it was not installed professionally.

It strictly implements auto renewal. So make sure to give them a call if you plan to make any changes.

Most salesmen would likely tell you the most beautiful words just to get a sale. Make sure to read through the whole contract as well as the fine print.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Protection One provides a 14-day window for you to change your mind, cancel the contract, and return the equipment. Protection One protects itself from any liability that may arise from damaged walls or windows. Any damages to the equipment will be charged to the customer.

Cancellation prior to the expiry of the contract will allow Protection One to collect the remaining amount of the contract. Some of the Protection One Alarm complaints state that it charges an Early Termination Fee of $750 provided that this fee is less than the total remaining amount of the contract.

If you plan to move to a different residence and take the system along with you, Protection One offers to assist with the reinstallation as long as the area is still within its service reach. It also provides a $150 credit for the reinstallation process, plus extra nuts and bolts. Unfortunately, it does not have any offers on transferring your account to a new owner.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ Rating in BBB
  • Plenty of pricing and packages
  • Reliable and Durable Equipment
  • Merging with the leader of Home Security Services
  • Quick response from Customer Service


  • Expensive upfront fees
  • Expensive Cancellation Fee
  • No Lifetime Warranty
  • No way to transfer to a new owner
  • Little Transparency in policies and individual pricing

For everyone who has the salesmen on their doorstep, avoid signing with them at all costs. They will tell you anything for you to sign the contract. If you are interested in the system, contact your local provider instead.

We highly advise customers to double check both electronic and paper contract. They may tell you different terms.

There are many companies that offer contracts for less than 36 months. You may want to research other providers before signing any agreements.

This company does not provide wireless systems. The self-install program is for those who are tech-savvy and professional installers. If you are looking for wireless security services, you are implored to look elsewhere.

If it were not for the lengthy contracts and deceitful sales tactics, Protection One would be somewhat recommended for good security services.

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