Security One Review—Young Competitor, But The Best?

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Age is often a determinant of experience. And in the home security industry, experience is what we often look into when choosing a possible service provider. However, sometimes young competitors pack quite a strong punch too.

This is the case with the security provider we will be reviewing. Despite its relative youngness, Security One is a pretty capable security company that covers the basics of home security.

So, is Security One a great choice to boot? Let’s find out in our Security One alarm review.

Security One’s History and Reputation

Compared to the likes of AFA Protective Systems, Security One is a relatively young company. It’s been in the business since 2007. However, like Frontpoint, it serves the entire continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

The company’s manufacturing partners are also commendable. It partners with GE and Honeywell, using their products to complement its monitoring services.

In spite of this, however, customers reported that the company offers the packages at affordable prices. Considering that its partners use high-quality products, it comes as a surprise that Security One charges less for its services.

Although the company claims that it is BBB accredited, it actually has no accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. It does have a rating of A+ though and overall positive customer reviews, clocking in at an impressive 89%.

It’s also closed 17 complaints posted by customers on the same site. Most of these complaints were about the product and service.

In another review website, Yelp, the company received 62.5% positive ratings. These positive reviews speak volumes about its competence.

Plan Pricing and Services

Security One offers different plans through either landline or cellular signal. It also offers services for both residential and commercial establishments, with the ability to customize.

In either case, the company offers four basic plans with basic features and equipment:

Security Takeover24/7 monitoring, backup battery, professional inspection, options for landline/cellular monitoringyard signs and decals
Simply SecurityAll SECURITY TAKEOVER features plus Security One app access, emergency & non-emergency alertsAll SECURITY TAKEOVER equipment plus color touchscreen keypad, 2 door sensors, motion detectors, remote control
Energy PlusAll SIMPLY SECURITY featuresAll SIMPLY SECURITY equipment plus light control, thermostat
Ultimate HomeAll ENERGY PLUS features plus real-time videoAll ENERGY PLUS equipment plus surveillance camera

The Security Takeover plan allows the user who already has a security system to be monitored by Security One. If you have a security system made by Monitronics or ADT, you can have Security One monitor it at a lesser expense.

The company assures the user that there will be no price increase with its plans. Whatever the user pays every month will remain the same throughout the entire contract period.

With all of those available plans, you also have the option to add a feature for medical alerts. This is helpful if you have family members with illnesses. This comes with the panic pendant, an add-on equipment.

It also offers additional equipment, in case you’re not satisfied with the devices in its plans. These additional devices are the following:

  • Secondary keypad
  • Image sensor
  • Smoke and heat sensor
  • Glass break sensor
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Wireless camera
  • Light and appliance module
  • Panic pendant
  • Wireless door locks
  • Keychain remote

The above additional equipment has no pricing information written on the company’s official website.

A website comparing alarm company pricing, lists the monthly charge for its services from $29.99 to $44.99 as confirmed by an advertisement by Security One on a review article which confirms that indeed, the monthly monitoring rate starts at $29.99. There are reportedly no upfront costs.

All of its equipment has a lifetime warranty. Alternatively, it also offers a Lifetime Service Plan Option. This option covers all the expenses related to trip and labor, faulty equipment, and batteries. But if you miss a scheduled appointment, you would need to pay a trip charge and the standard rate of $85 per hour.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you have a house that’s been monitored by ADT or Monitronics and all the devices are still working properly, Security One offers a special package. This includes testing all of the existing equipment and monitoring these devices for you. The company requires a lower monthly charge compared to its other plans.

If you want a technician to come and check your equipment, it’s far cheaper to use the Lifetime Service Plan Option. However, you need to make sure that you’re meeting your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you’d be paying a set charge for the missed appointment.

As the company offers $1500 worth of equipment and assures that the monthly charge will remain the same, Security One is comparably cheaper than other options. It has an industry-standard 3-year contract which isn’t too long.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you want to cancel your contract with Security One, you would need to send a written request to cancel. One of the company’s agents will then contact you to verify your cancellation request. The agent will then go over all of your cancellation options.

Although no other information is given on its site, it’s safe to assume that you would need to pay a cancellation fee. This is quite common in the home security industry.

If you decide to move, Security One also has options for you. Moving is possible as it serves the entire continental United States. However, if you’re in your first year of service agreement, you would be charged a $99 move fee.

The new homeowner of your old house can also take over the agreement for you.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Almost nationwide coverage
  • Can take over existing security systems
  • Generally positive customer reviews
  • Option for medical alerts available
  • Reportedly more affordable services


  • No pricing information available on its website
  • Lack of online transparency

A number of Security One system complaints include difficulties in canceling the contract, reportedly bad customer service, and faulty equipment that triggers false alarms. The only major downsides perhaps are its lack of online pricing and contract information.

Despite this, however, as the majority of customer reviews are positive, it can be said that Security One is a really capable service provider. Couple this with a couple other features such as locked monthly charge and more affordable prices, and you have a good choice.

If you’re in an area that the company serves and you’re looking to try out a decent company, Security One is a good choice to boot.

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