Select Security Review – Security at Its Best Or Worst?

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A lot of customers have gone through their security systems being bought out by other companies. Some integrate and upgrade while others go downhill. Who is to blame for the whole process? Why do most customers complain about not getting transition notices at all?

Let’s take a look at some Select Security reviews and see what makes it so good at keeping secrets.

Select Security’s History and Reputation

Select Security System has been providing its services ever since 2003 with its main office in Pennsylvania. It is always up-to-date with its technology with the help of Honeywell and 2GIG tech. Select Security has also been in the Top 50 largest security companies which are awarded by SDM Magazine.

It is spread out throughout the Tri-State area with its stellar service connection. Though it is praised to have a good standing with its customers, it is also known to have expensive monthly fees but reasonable upfront costs.

So far, Select Security has received an A+ rating from BBB. It has 1 positive Select Security System review on the site. However, you may want to check other sites as well for different views on the company.

Plan Pricing and Services

Due to poor transparency on the website, we were only able to get a ballpark figure for the monthly fee that you would encounter with Select Security. Here are the packages that you can select to have installed in your home:

PlansEssential SmarthomeEnergy SmarthomeSecure+


Ultimate Smarthome
Upfront Costs$99.00$149.00$199.00$299.00
Monthly FeesStarts at $55.00






3 Door/Window Sensors,

1 Motion Detector,

1 Keyfob,

Touch Control Panel,

Window Decals,

Yard Sign,

Select Security Mobile App

Essential + 1 interactive thermostatEssential + 1 Indoor CameraCombination of all 3 packages + 1 appliance controller

Select Security provides a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. This is available for all customers – even those who are signed with AlarmForce and Five Star Security.

Select Security assures its customers that the monthly monitoring prices will stay the same. However, there have been complaints from users regarding an increase in the monthly fees after several months of service.

Though the equipment it uses is posted on the website, unfortunately, prices have not been provided individually. You would need to give Select a call in order to verify individual pricing.

Top Tips for Buyers

Select Security has a good rating on BBB, however, other websites say otherwise. Since you are in the search for the best security service company, you may want to research more on the given provider before signing that contract.

Apparently, Select Security has a bad reputation for keeping the real contract length a secret from its customers. Make sure you clarify this with the provider you are signing with. Other companies do this as well.

It offers a five (5) year contract but the aggressive salesman may say it would only go on for two (2). The lesson here is to always read the fine print and go over the contract 3 times just to be sure everything has been discussed correctly.

The company has an auto-renewal policy wherein after the initial 5-year contract, any failure to state intentions of discontinuation will lead you to another 5 years with Select.

Like all other companies, they have very aggressive and compulsive salesmen. Be aware of the people you let into your home and do not let them touch your installed security system. They could mess it up for you to sign with them on the spot.

Select Security has bought out AlarmForce and Five Star Security. We are happy to say that customers have not experienced any price increases after the transition.

Unfortunately, most customers of AlarmForce have complaints regarding the change in ownership due to horrible customer service.

Select Security is very transparent when it comes to most of its information. You can check out the FAQ section to see if your inquiry could be resolved.

This is a professionally installed security system. You will be letting people in your home so take note of all your valuables.

Provides lifetime warranties on all products and labor. That is a good deal considering that others would only offer limited 90-day warranties.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Select Security has a 90-day money back guarantee. If you feel that the system just doesn’t work out for you, then you can definitely send back the equipment and cancel the service for a full refund.

After the initial 60-month term, all subscribers will be placed on a month-to-month service. Select Security advises all its customers to provide a 60-day notice when canceling the service. Upon cancellation, you would need to ship back the equipment that was originally installed. Failure to do this within the 60 days would result in a $350 fine.

If you would be canceling the service while you are in your initial term, you would need to pay the remaining balance of the contract. This would be Monthly Fee x Number of Remaining Months.

If you are moving and would like to take the system with you, a 30-day notice must be provided. The company will assist in reinstalling and reactivating the system. The cost has not been disclosed so be sure to verify the information first.

Select Security also allows other customers to take over an account. All you would need to do is contact the company and provide the new owner’s information. The new homeowner will be obliged to sign a new 60-month agreement.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • A+ BBB rating and 100% positive review
  • Has cancellation and moving policy on the website
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Transfer of ownership to the third party


  • No Monthly fee information on the website
  • Auto-renewal scheme
  • Aggressive and misleading salesmen
  • Lengthy contract
  • Long cancellation notice window

We highly advise our readers to always go with what they think fits best for their needs. Though Select Security provides us the illusion that it can keep your homes and families safe, we urge you to check out other providers as well.

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