Simplisafe Review – Worth Your Money?

Simplisafe Reviews

If you are in the market searching for the next best security system, then you may have haggled up so many reviews on different brands. If you are looking for an alarm system that provides one of the most competitive prices in the market and is easy to install and navigate, then SimpliSafe is the system you might just fancy.

Is the SimpliSafe alarm good? This guide will help determine its worth by exploring all it’s positive and negative reviews.

SimpliSafe’s History and Reputation

SimpliSafe has been coined as the champion of the masses for providing one of the lowest (if not the lowest) prices in terms of security systems. Though the prices may be extremely pleasing to the average Joe’s budget, many reviews on the product have proven the equipment to be upscale and worth more than what you’ve paid for.

SimpliSafe is based in Boston, MA, and have been operating since 2006. They have also been keeping up with technological advancements so you can be sure that their equipment are up to date.

SimpliSafe has partnered with Verizon and T-Mobile which makes their coverage available nationwide. Teaming up with these cellular giants make their service network strong and secured.

Though the company has received stellar ratings from Amazon and C|Net, some forums agree to disagree. As of this writing, Consumer Business Affairs have accumulated a total rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. Most of these being complaints towards customer service and product activation.

Many other review forums have shown that SimpliSafe has only gathered around 2 to 3 stars. As of writing, BBB has received 97 customer complaints and 74% negative reviews despite being rated A+.

Plan Pricing and Services

SimpliSafe has the SimpliSafe Originals and the SimpliSafe Special Packages available to choose from. They are upgrades from the original SimpliSafe Foundation Pack which you can purchase at $229.96. The Foundation Pack includes the base station, 1 keypad, 1 entry sensor, and 1 motion sensor.

Here are the packages that have evolved from the Foundation Pack:

SimpliSafe Originals

Initial Price$244.00$304.00$334.00
Installation CostFreeFreeFree
FeaturesCovers small-spaced homes such as studio apartmentsSame features but covers mid-sized homesCovers larger sized homes with more entry points (windows, doors, etc.)
Equipment1 Base Station

1 Wireless Keypad

1 Motion Sensor

2 Entry Sensor

1 Free Keychain Remote

Starter pack equipment + 2 extra entry sensors and 1 extra motion sensorStandard pack equipment + 2 extra entry sensors

SimpliSafe Special Packages

Initial Price$259.95$374.91$449.87$489.86
Installation CostFreeFreeFreeFree
FeaturesFocuses more on securing 3 entry paths by placing an entry sensor on each to prevent break-insEssentials features plus a smoke alarm to avoid arson and a loud bell system to alert homeownersHearth features plus doubling the Motion and Entry sensors customized for larger homesHas fire and water damage alert and a panic button to alert the local police or fire department
Equipment1 Base Station

1 Keypad

3 Entry Sensors

1 Motion Sensor

Essentials equipment plus

1 Key Fob, a 105dB Siren, and

1 Smoke Detector

Hearth equipment plus 1 motion sensor and 3 more entry sensors.Haven equipment plus 1 extra entry sensor, 1 Panic Button, 1 Freeze Sensor, and 1 Water Sensor

The two monitoring packages that will determine your monthly billing are the following:

  • Standard – for $14.99 per month, you would be able to have 24/7 surveillance and a cellular connection to the base operations office.
  • Interactive – in addition to the standard features, the interactive plan will also cater SMS/E-mail alerts, Remote control access, and Secret Alerts. This would cost you $24.99 per month.

Those equipment that come along with the package have a 3-year warranty. You can request replacements for items that do not work at no additional cost. Aside from this, you will also be able to add more to your package (separately) such as keypads, key fobs, or the SimpliCam which costs $99 a piece.

Adding items to your package won’t change your monthly pricing as it stays the same regardless of the number of items you have installed.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you are looking for an alarm system that provides an installation service, then I suggest you look elsewhere. Teaming up with SimpliSafe means that you would be open to doing the installation yourself as it is a DIY package (thus its cheap price).

Aside from checking the reviews that you would generally see on their website, consider checking reviews on other sites like BBB, Trustpilot, Amazon, etc.

Always have demos presented to exhibit the functionality of the security system. This will allow you to effectively choose what package is best for you, and this will also show you that the system is working.

There is no auto-renew contract when you buy into the SimpliSafe security system. You can choose whether to continue the service or not. You would need to contact their customer service to have the system and monitoring charges discontinued if you wish to cancel the service.

Many online selling platforms compete daily with the prices they offer and will sugarcoat almost every word to make a sale. Choose wisely as some may provide you a harder refund time if such is necessary.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

One good thing about the SimpliSafe monitoring program is that they don’t issue contracts. If you would like to stop the auto charge of $14.99 or $24.99 per month on your card, you would need to submit a letter of cancellation before the next billing.

Once you purchase a SimpliSafe package, the items will come assFembled and ready to work. SimpliSafe offers a 60-day trial wherein if any dissatisfaction arises, you would be entitled to a full refund. They also honor to pay for the return shipping.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Easy to install. No need for professional assistance and security activation is an SMS/E-mail away.
  • One of the lowest prices in the market. Price averaging runs from $230 up to $450.
  • Has been providing 12 years of service with no contracts which result in easy and hassle-free cancellations.
  • It is a plug-and-play system. No need to screw or hinge to walls or frames. This makes it easy to bring along if you plan to change your residence.


  • Relies on cell signal configurations. If the signal does not reach your area, malfunctions may arise.
  • DIY installation wherein customer service can only assist you in the activation of the product. You are on your own when it gets to your home.
  • Customer service lines are not available 24/7, and there have been many SimpliSafe complaints regarding poor customer service provided with long holds.
  • Not advisable for rural areas or places with low receptions.

There are many battles between the positive and negative reviews for SimpliSafe. It is highly advisable for you to check demos prior to purchasing the package.

If it were not for the numerous complaints regarding customer service, the SimpliSafe security alarm should be an awesome deal if you are on a tight budget but would like to tighten your security.

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