Slomin’s Security Review – A Tricky Choice?

Slomin’s History

There are several security companies that originally started out offering other services. Some were into communications before venturing into home security, just like Comcast.

This adaptation by companies led to the growth in the diversity of their businesses. These seemingly different ventures, though, ultimately work together. They utilize preexisting structures used by the company to deliver additional services.

Such is the case with Slomin’s. It’s a company which ventured into home security systems in tandem with its heating systems. How does its security stack against the competition? Let’s see in our Slomin’s alarm review.

Slomin’s History and Reputation

Established in 1923, Slomin’s initially started out as a family-owned business that delivered oil to its consumers. By then, those who wanted oil had to haul it back to their homes, and this was the gap that the company sought to address.

From there, the company grew until it eventually began offering home security in 1981. Now, it continues to offer heating systems in tandem with its home security and automation options. It doesn’t serve the entire country though; it mostly serves only east coast states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida.

The company uses a central monitoring system to keep track of its users. It boasts a 24/7/365 monitoring, assuring customers that someone will be there in case of an emergency. It has a dedicated application called mySlomin’s that allows users to monitor and remotely control their own system. All in all, these qualities make its service pretty competitive and strong.

The Better Business Bureau has accredited Slomin’s since 03/01/1965 and has given it a rating of A+. In spite of this, however, users gave the company 94% negative reviews as of writing. Most of the users’ complaints had to do with the product or the service.

The company’s lack of transparency with its prices is also a concern. Its starting price is in the industry middle, putting it at the average to slightly expensive category when it comes to pricing.

Plan Pricing and Services

Slomin’s only offers one base security package. It primarily relies on a landline, although it also offers a cellular/GSM monitoring version.

The base package itself barely skims the basic devices. It contains the following:

  • touchscreen LCD control panel,
  • motion detector
  • 3 door contacts
  • video camera
  • yard signs and decals.

Monitoring the system starts at around $29.95 a month. For an additional $9.95 a month, though, you can opt for a cellular/GSM monitoring.

The company also offers home automation devices, although you need to check the prices for yourself as these aren’t written in its website. The automation devices include:

  • Light control
  • Door lock
  • Thermostat
  • Appliance controller
  • Garage door opener

Although you can get by with the equipment included in the base package, you’d need additional devices more often than not. Slomin’s offers the following equipment add-ons:

  • Temperature monitoring (alerts during high or low temperatures) at $74.99
  • Door or window sensors for $80.99 each
  • Keyfob for $99.95 each
  • Smoke and fire detector at $159.95
  • Keypad (for additional entrance) priced at $174.95 each
  • Flood and water detector at $179.95
  • Carbon monoxide detector at $244.95

All of the devices only have a one-year limited warranty. This isn’t too shabby. However, considering that other companies offer their devices with longer (even lifetime) warranties, this puts you at a disadvantage.

Although the monthly pricing would mostly remain the same throughout the duration of the contract, it can change depending on the additional equipment and features you get. As stated, the company isn’t transparent with how it prices its services and devices.

And, as Slomin’s contracts drag on for 60 months or about 5 years, you need to check that you’d be paying for what you actually want.

Top Tips for Buyers

Slomin’s offers free installation on its devices. As the equipment needs to be hardwired in the house, it needs to be installed professionally. The installation can take several hours to be finished. Slomin’s, however, assures the customers that its installers have been thoroughly tested and trained.

Note that the devices only have a one-year limited warranty. After this period lapses, you need to pay for the replacement or repairs of your devices. Many customers report having to pay huge amounts just for the maintenance personnel to do repairs and replacements.

Also, remember that the contract period of Slomin’s is 60 months or approximately 5 years. This is two years longer than the industry standard. This contract auto-renews after the expiration of the initial term to ensure a continuous service.

As Slomin’s only serves a limited area, you would need to pay a cancellation fee if you move to an area it doesn’t cover. You have a 3-day money back period in case you aren’t satisfied with the service.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you aren’t happy with Slomin’s and want to get out of its 5-year contract, you, unfortunately, need to pay a cancellation fee. This is because Slomin’s gives you a $1,300 home security system for free, as per its website.

Unlike other companies that usually charge 80% of the remaining balance, Slomin’s requires you to pay a 100% cancellation fee.

This means that if you were paying $29.95 and still have 48 months left on the contract, you need to pay a $1,437.60 early termination fee to end the contract. This is a huge amount to pay particularly if you need to move to a different place for whatever reason. A definite hassle!

However, if you decide to move into a place that it also serves, you have three options.

The first option includes bringing the equipment to your new home and continuing the agreement. If you can’t do this on your own, Slomin’s can send a trained technician for a fee.

The second option is to leave the system for the new homeowner to use. Slomin’s will then install a brand new system at your new home for $395 and then continuing the agreement.

The last option involves transferring the agreement to the new owner of your old home. You will then have a new system installed for free along with a new agreement.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Long experience in the industry
  • Compatible with existing wireless automation systems


  • Limited service area
  • Limited warranty
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor transparency
  • Long contract periods
  • High cancellation fees

Slomin’s Shield complaints are also abundant. Many customers reported rude customer service and difficulty in having their concerns addressed. Top that with prospecting clients who are discouraged with the company’s long contract and subsequently high cancellation fees.

Its limited availability may also pose more harm than good especially if you’re always on the move. Although on its own, Slomin’s is a decent choice, its features pale compared to other security companies that may be available in your area.

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