Sonitrol Review – A Compromise On Security?

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Home security is a lucrative industry. A huge demand for security comes from residential and commercial establishments alike. There really is no other way to put people at ease when it comes to their properties than knowing that they’re being monitored.

Companies engaged in security are varied in their offerings and pricing. Some cater to businesses more than home security, like Sonitrol.

With its technological highlights and business-oriented offerings, Sonitrol is undoubtedly a strong force to be reckoned with. But how does it compare to other companies?

Let’s find out in our Sonitrol Security review.

Sonitrol’s History and Reputation

Since its establishment in 1960, Sonitrol has grown to serve more than 180 cities throughout North America. Its services aren’t exclusive to the United States alone but also extends to Canada.

The company offers solutions through multiple dealers. This means that the quality of services, as well as the pricing, differ from dealer to dealer. It also allows franchising to grow its dealer network.

As a consequence of this, Sonitrol currently has multiple ranks in the SDM 2017 ranking. It peaks at the 37th ranking. SDM ranked security companies according to their recurring monthly revenues.

This also means that the company’s service network depends largely on its dealers. This is a double-edged sword as there are dealers who offer less than optimal quality.

In terms of technology, the company stands out in its verified intrusion system feature. This allows the company to listen when its sensors detect something, verifying first if a break-in is really happening. If it’s a false alarm, it simply turns off the alarm without bothering you or authorities.

Sonitrol is also reportedly more expensive than other security companies.

It’s been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 06/26/2008 and has been given a rating of A+. There are currently no customer ratings or reviews.

Plan Pricing and Services

Sonitrol, unlike other companies, doesn’t offer definitive plans and packages. This is possibly due to its dealers as they can offer customized packages for customers.

Instead, the company simply offers products and services. It also partners with manufacturers such as SonaVision.

Here are some of the products and services that the company offers:

  • Verified Audio and Video Intrusion. This is arguably the highlight of the company’s array of offerings. It boasts a far more comprehensive coverage than motion detectors whose range is limited. The feature allows the company to listen when its sensors detect something, then dispatch the proper authorities when a break-in is verified. The company boasts early detection and a higher apprehension rate with the feature.
  • Access Control. Targeted towards business owners, it allows users to track and restrict who goes where and when. It also features access privileges to authorized users, eliminating the need for expensive rekeying and changing locks. It also allows temporary access to visitors. The feature has two offerings:
    • Managed Access. This has multiple levels of access cards and generates a record of cardholders and entry and exit reports. You can also disarm and revoke key card access. It also features other reports that allow you to view time, attendance, and schedules, as well as automate when the door locks and unlocks.
    • eAccess. This is a security management software that integrates access control, video or DVR, alarm inputs, elevator control, video badging, and temperature monitoring. It also allows you to perform one-click system-wide changes.
  • This features a continuous, automated recording that seamlessly integrates with Verified Audio and Video Intrusion. Along with this, the feature also has a 24/7 alarm verification. It partners with SonaVision Monitoring that provides remote video access, event notification when the system is armed or disarmed, and video clips before and after the alarm was triggered.
  • The feature integrates well with other products and services. Sonitrol’s engineering group is NICET Certified and its equipment is UL/ULC Listed and NFPA and ADA Approved. It provides solutions for smoke and heat detection, water flow and sprinkler monitoring, temperature monitoring, elevator recall, voice evacuation system, and duct detection.

The company provides solutions not only for residents and business owners, but also for schools, governments, healthcare, and offices, among others.

Sonitrol has a guarantee in place for its customers. It provides between $5,000 and $20,000 warranty for any break-ins that occur while the system is in operation.

There is currently no pricing information on the company’s official website. However, a customer reported that monthly charge can reach up to $400. Pricing may also change without notice.

It’s unknown what the warranty of the equipment is, as well as how long the warranty runs.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you aren’t a business owner and if your premises aren’t considerably big, it might be best to go with other security options. The monthly charge can be pretty high especially if you opt for more services.

As there is no pricing information written on the official site, you can only get a price quote from a price rep. Go over all of the possible options and try to get the lowest price possible.

The company offers between $5,000 and $20,000 as performance warranty. This applies to an intrusion which wasn’t detected by the system.

False alarms are also handled by the company if it is proven that the false alarm was triggered due to Sonitrol.

Be aware that as the company serves through dealers, quality of services may vary. Read reviews about a particular dealer and talk with the dealer to get more information.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

As for contract lengths, Sonitrol Kentucky requires a pretty lengthy 60-month contract. However, other dealers might have shorter or longer contracts, so it’s best to be ready for a 60-month-long contract.

However, if you want to cancel, you would need to pay the remaining balance on the contract—a 100% cancellation fee. You are free to cancel your services if you aren’t satisfied for the first six months after the installation. You’ll also get a refund of your installation fee.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • High guarantee offered
  • Caters to varied establishments
  • Varied solutions


  • Limited availability
  • Expensive
  • Lengthy contract periods
  • Minimal home automation features
  • Differing experiences due to different dealers

Sonitrol alarm complaints include increasingly expensive services and high upfront costs of equipment. The company’s pricing, as well as more business-related services, are other downsides to take into account as well.

But if you’re a business owner who has a lot of employees and areas to monitor, paying more for capable services is still a reasonable choice. All in all, if the cons simply don’t outweigh the benefits for you, then by all means avail of Sonitrol’s services.

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