Time Warner Review – You Better Know This About Them!

Time Warner’s review

When it comes to safety and security, you never really expect a cable company to fill your needs. In this day and age, homeowners can manage to pull up different ways of securing their homes. With the help of smartphones, internet or data connections, and a number of equipment and applications.

Let’s take a look at some Time Warner Intelligent Home reviews to see how it has delivered in the past few years.

Time Warner’s History and Reputation

Time Warner Inc. has been simply a merger of many different companies. Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc. first merged in 1990, being coined as the largest media conglomerate in the history of American media.

Currently, AT&T is seeking acquisition of the media conglomerate in order to manage what may be, the largest and most competitive business yet. Acquiring this media superpower will give them the privilege of producing, distributing, and controlling content across wireless, broadband, and satellite.

Time Warner Cable, an independent spin-off of TWI, acquired by Charter Communications Inc., has been rebranded as Charter Spectrum last 2016. Charter Spectrum later introduced Intelligent Home as one of its special features for home security, available only in the Carolinas.

Because of its manufacturer’s brand name (Time Warner – Charter Spectrum), it comes as no surprise that the Intelligent Home Security system is very costly. Rest assured that the company is keeping itself up-to-date on the latest security equipment and technological releases.

Time Warner is one of the leading names in media providing them a strong connection and service network, but has yet to prove itself in the security industry. But it is known to have a 5-Diamond Rated Emergency Response Center and UL Certified 24/7 Monitoring.

Time Warner offers state-of-the-art equipment for a very high price. Though it is worth the upfront costs, the monthly fees seem to be too expensive than it should be.

Time Warner Inc., now Charter Spectrum has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It has a B+ rating on the site, however, if you take a closer look, 96% of 495 reviews are negative. The company has also received 18,282 complaints about its TV, Internet, and Home security services altogether.

Due to the negative impact on Intelligent Home, Charter Spectrum has decided to stop its operations. Though it has not yet been solidified, and the company has removed most of its references on the website. The Insider has also reported that it indeed voiced out the intention of canceling the Intelligent Home features.

Plan Pricing and Services

Here are the plans available for the Intelligent Home Security Service:

PlansSecurity PackageSecurity & VideoSecurity & EnergySecurity, Video & Energy
Monthly$39.99 to $79.99
Installation, Upfront and Activation 








Main Features·      1 touch panel

·      2 Door/Window sensors

·      1 motion detector

·      1 yard sign

Security package + 1 video cameraSecurity package + 1 thermostat and 1 smoke detector.Combination of all the packages

Time Warner’s Intelligent home does not serve any warranties for the equipment. If found that the system is at fault, it may provide you a credit (depending on the circumstances).

According to a complaint found on BBB, the special monthly monitoring fees increase at a rate of 15% to 20% after a year.

The main add-on feature released back in October 2015, called the 24/7 Playback, gives the homeowners the power to rewind and review the continuous camera footage of their homes. This would cost an extra $5 per camera, per month.

Here is the price list of its equipment if you want to add more to your package:

  • CO Sensors – $99.99
  • Door/Window Sensors – $69.99
  • Flood Sensors – $59.99
  • Glass Break Sensors – $99.99
  • Key Fobs – $39.99
  • Lamp Modules – $49.99
  • Light Controllers – $49.99
  • Motion Detectors – $99.99
  • Security Cameras – $149.99
  • Smart Thermostats – $124.99
  • Smoke Detectors – $99.99
  • Wireless Keypads – $79.99

Top Tips for Buyers

Before signing your Intelligent Home contract, you would need to subscribe to a standard internet service pack (or higher). This also causes negative Time Warner security reviews as you cannot use its system with any other internet provider.

They say never to take gossips too seriously, however, in a case of service provision, you may want to choose to listen and think about it. Circulating news about the cancellation of the service is evident as well as the actual proof that its information has been removed from the Spectrum website. We suggest you look for other providers as a fallback (just in case).

If you like to play around with your security cameras very often, we suggest you look for a different provider. As mentioned, Time Warner does not provide any warranty so you would be charged for service calls to fix or replace your equipment.

Looking for JUST home security? Then the Intelligent home is too expensive for you. It would be much cheaper to have the full Security, Video, & Energy plan installed.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

The normal contract for the Intelligent Home goes along with the Internet provision contract. It is an 18-month long contract that is basically, difficult to terminate.

The fee to cancel the Intelligent Home service depends on the package that you will select and is privately disclosed to the customer via the Service Order and Agreement Form.

The Intelligent Home does not transfer service, unlike the cable or internet service. If you plan to move, canceling is the only option you have to stop billing. You would also need to have a new system installed if you plan to have the same equipment and service.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Has state-of-the-art equipment and has professionals install the system.
  • No installation fee.
  • Provides all around home automation accessible through an easy app.
  • Short contract
  • Well-known media brand.


  • High upfront equipment costs.
  • High monthly billing costs
  • Countless negative reviews regarding customer service
  • Circulating news regarding operations’ termination
  • Will not work with any other internet provider.

It’s okay to seek security from a well-known company, as long as it’s recognized for good practices. Time Warner may be one of the best (if not the best) TV cable provider, however, it might just be that.

Make sure to do your research and be 100% sure about the contracts you will be signing. This is applicable to all brands.

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