Titan Alarm Review – Not a Good Buy?

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Many security companies provide perks, like remote control, phone notifications and real-time video feed, while fulfilling their primary task of giving security to people’s homes and businesses. Titan Alarm is among these companies.

Before any move is made, as a smart customer, you have to carefully consider the pros and cons of using Titan Alarm’s services.

This article will attempt to summarize an online research of the company. Included here are Titan Alarm system reviews, cancellation and moving policies, and a look at their fees and services.

Titan Alarm’s History and Reputation

According to its website, Titan Alarm was founded in January of 2008 by two brothers, Mike and Taylor Proudfit, who currently serve as the company’s President/CEO and COO, respectively.

Titan Alarm claims to be present in 33 states but reviews found online have only come from Arizona. To support this, its website lists 3 locations: in Phoenix, in Tucson, and in Mesa, all located in Arizona. Making its 33-state-presence claim inconsistent.

A good sign of competence is the equipment that a company utilizes. Titan Alarm’s equipment is provided by 2GIG, a company known for making quality security devices particularly wireless ones. This strengthens portfolio by proving that it isn’t behind in the wireless revolution.

When browsing through different review sites, it can be said for sure that Titan Alarm occupies the best and the worst places. On one site, the majority are positive reviews and on another, mostly negative ones.

Their positive reviews have been based on initial customer service. The reviews normally narrate how quick the technical team is able to install the equipment and how sales and customer representatives were friendly and quick to respond.

On the other hand, some reviews say that the equipment was faulty and was not as easy to operate, unlike the first time they were used. In others, some Titan Alarm sales representatives tricked customers into getting 5-year contracts instead of two years. When customers brought up these misunderstandings, the sales representatives said the customers’ handwriting made “2” look like “5”.

Titan Alarm isn’t accredited by BBB.com but it does have a rating, two in fact. One for its Phoenix and the other for Tucson. Titan Alarm Phoenix gets an A- and Titan Alarm Tucson gets an A+.

Plan Pricing and Services

Titan Alarm offers 3 kinds of protection: for your home, for your business, and from fire.

For your home and business, you can get:

  • Burglar/Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Remote Automation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Phone Notifications

Basically, wherever you decide to install the alarm system, you have standard protection against any trespasser. To top it off you could remotely monitor and manage your home and/or business.

Against fire, Titan Alarm is a very convenient partner too. It takes care of most, if not all, of the fire alarm work for you, such as:

  • Backflow Tests
  • Designs & Consultations
  • Maintenance
  • Tests & Inspection
  • Sprinklers, Extinguishers, Kitchen Hoods, etc.

The website doesn’t state anything about prices. A deeper net browse reveals reviews and other sites which give that information.

  • Installation/Activation Fee – $47.00
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee – $34.97
  • Monthly Fee without equipment – $29.99

No evidence of price increase appears but it wouldn’t hurt to ask Titan Alarm about it. In any case, when buyers purchase new devices, it might be good for them to know that the devices have limited warranties.

If a buyer wishes to extend the warranty, he must pay a monthly fee as long as he wishes to keep it. In addition, the website’s blog provides a video to explain the warranty and lifetime service. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the video is unavailable/ can’t be played.

Top Tips for Buyers

Customers should check if their cities/municipalities require an alarm permit for dispatch. They are advised to acquire that permit before purchasing an alarm system.

They should also read through the content of the website in order to have a complete picture of what they’ll be getting. The website is fairly simple and easy to navigate, albeit with a lot of pages. Besides that, the videos and demos provided are fun and informative.

For buyers who’d like to be thrifty, it is possible to set up the alarm system manually. This way they can save money by doing the work themselves. Titan Alarm provides instruction manuals with the equipment for self-installation.

On the other hand, there is always the clean professional installation. This may entail an installation fee but the technician could do the job quickly and help teach the customer on how to use the system.

Remember to ask about the fine print of the contract. You may be obliged to have a 36-month contract. Discuss every single detail, leave no stone unturned. Some ground agents may contradict information found online. Other similar issues may surface so customers must be very diligent.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

A common complaint was continued billing despite the fact the customer has changed residences. Even if the homeowner has sold his home, his contract with Titan Alarm obliges him to pay for its monthly services.

So, what will the customer do if ever he wishes to cancel services?

First, it is important to note that Titan Alarm doesn’t seem to have a cancellation policy. The site is not very clear about it but a review narrated that the contract obliges a fee of 80% of the remainder of the contract.

Next, the company does have a well-stated policy on transferring and moving homes:

  1. It’s fine to leave everything behind. It can be a gift for the new homeowner*
  2. No fees for moving and new equipment.
  3. Pay only one more month of the monitoring fee.
  4. Choose one of three provided packages for the move.

*Note: Not applicable for self-installed systems. Additionally, complications may arise if the new owner doesn’t wish to continue the services.

You could see the contradiction between the company policy and a customer’s recount of his experience. Many complaints were founded upon this sort of contradiction. To prevent this from happening, clarifications must be made.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Lots of essential and innovative equipment
  • BBB.com rating:
  • A- for Phoenix and A+ for Tucson
  • Devices are developed by 2GIG
  • Mobile Applications
  • Remote Control
  • Customer Friendly Moving Policy


  • Limited to Arizona area exclusively
  • High asking price
  • No plan and price information
  • Unclear Cancellation policy
  • Advertisements and agents’ information are inconsistent

Titan Alarm has a good array of devices and equipment for the home or business owners to choose from. So, they can be assured that they are up to date and fun to use.

Reviews are very diverse on different sites. Many of them are not very good but it’s interesting to note that the President of the company has personally answered some of these reviews. So, it could be said that he has taken action to address those issues.

Customers must never lower their guard when buying something. If they do, they fall victim to all sorts of trouble. You know the rule, don’t be a fool.

User Reviews

  • Not that great

    By Johny Luckose ( 2018-11-13 , 11:50 )

    The support guys where a little slow to show up. Hoping things would be better in the future.

  • Excellent company for all I know.

    By Delwine Joseph ( 2018-11-13 , 11:44 )

    Always felt safer after calling up the Titan Alarm guy. Happy to know we're in good hands from your review.

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