Vector Security Review – Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Vector Security

Home security is a major aspect we consider whenever we move into or build a new home. We check the crime rates in the locality and instances of burglary. This is why many companies play in this field and give their best shot.

One of those companies is Vector Security. Out of the numerous security options out there, how does Vector stack up to the competition? Let’s find out in our Vector Home Security review.

Vector Security’s History and Reputation

Vector was established in 1970 in Pennsylvania and has since been serving mostly Eastern and Southern states in the country.

Although its service and coverage area is limited, it boasts a strong service network thanks to its partnership with and 2GIG. In terms of monthly recurring revenue, SDM Magazine ranked it as the 5th largest security company in the United States in 2016. This was a huge leap from being in 8th place in 2015.

It also has received the 2015 Dealer of the Year Award from the same magazine.

Apart from this, Vector Security is a part of The Philadelphia Contributionship, an insurance company. This ensures that the customers are taken cared of and any issues that arise can be handled quickly. However, the company offers services at a more expensive cost compared to other security companies.

The Better Business Bureau gave the company an A+ rating and has given it accreditation since 02/09/2012. In spite of this, it’s been given a 100% negative rating from customers. Most cited problems with billing and difficulties in canceling the contract.

Plan Pricing and Services

Vector Security offers a pretty standard set of services and equipment. It also offers customization through the use of additional equipment. There is also almost no upfront cost for all of their available plans, with the exception of their most expensive package.

The company offers three levels of plans:

PlansMonthly ChargeUpfront CostsFeaturesEquipment
Basic Security$39.95$0SecurityCare Plus, professional installation, professional monitoringwireless control panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, yard signs and window decals
Home Automation$49.95

*Optional equipment add-on increase in monthly charge:

·         Camera, $10/month

·         Lock, $10/month

$0All BASIC SECURITY features plus Mobile SolutionsAll BASIC SECURITY equipment plus appliance/lamp modules

*Optional equipment add-on: camera and lock

Connected Home$69.95$99All HOME AUTOMATION featuresAll HOME AUTOMATION equipment plus 1 indoor camera, 1 door lock, 1 thermostat

You can customize the devices you need for your plan with the add-ons that the company is offering. Some of these devices can add to your monthly charge, so you should consider how many you need.

The following are the equipment add-ons with their accompanying price and increase in monthly charge:

EquipmentCostIncrease in Monthly Charge
Door/window sensors, appliance/lamp module$39 
Doorbell camera$49$5
4-button keyfob$59 
Home disaster sensor, garage door receiver$59$5
Motion detector$79 
Smoke/heat detector, low-temperature detector, glass break detector$89 
Dual technology motion detector, carbon monoxide detector$99 
Thermostat, image sensor, door lock, indoor camera$99$10
Secondary touchscreen keypad$149 
Outdoor “entry way” camera$199$10

As seen in the table above, the monthly pricing for the plans can increase with the addition of equipment. Otherwise, the prices will remain as is.

The equipment itself has a one-year limited warranty. However, Vector offers an extended warranty at a cost. These extended warranties are as follows:

  • Provides repair services and equipment replacements at no additional costs.
  • SecurityCare Plus. SecurityCare features and includes free inspection every two years, cost of replacing system batteries (including labor and trip charges), and free reinstallation of your equipment when you move.

Top Tips for Buyers

To save you money on the equipment, Vector can work with any preexisting security systems and devices. You only need to have the devices inspected and upgraded by the company.

As the service area of the company is only small compared to other companies, it would probably be better if you look at other providers if you need to move within the contract period. This is because you need to cancel the contract if you move out of their coverage area.

Their contract also runs between 36 and 60 months, and it auto-renews for successive one-year terms unless it is canceled in writing at least 30 days from the end of the initial or renewal term. You need to make sure to note when your contract with them will end as many users have reported that they couldn’t cancel the contract. This can incur cancellation fees which is a big hassle if you don’t need their services anymore.

They have a standard 3-day money-back guarantee period if you don’t like their products or services.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

As earlier mentioned, Vector Security’s plans run from 36 to 60 months. This is a pretty long time span compared to other security service providers.

Coupled with this is their cancellation policy. You need to pay 100% of your remaining balance should you terminate the contract early. For example, if you’re using the Complete Home plan with no additional equipment for a contract period of 60 months and you decide to terminate after only a year, you need to pay $3,357.60. This is definitely a huge expense that may not be worth it.

For military families, though, the company offers other options. If you own the house and you need to move, and you sell it and produce the documents required by Vector, the company will honor your termination request. Your remaining contract commitment will be terminated as well.

However, if you move out but keep the house, the contract stays. This also means that the contract can run for several years.

If you need to move, the company “offers a free home automation package and percentage discount off additional devices to customers who are relocating.” This only applies if you’re moving to an area covered by Vector. Otherwise, you’d have to cancel.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • offers home automation
  • many choices for equipment add-ons
  • can work with pre-existing security systems
  • has options for military families


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Although it offers good equipment and services, there are many unhappy customers. Vector alarm system complaints usually involve problems with payments and cancellation. Also, in comparison to other security companies, Vector’s entry-level plan is more expensive. Their additional equipment can also increase the monthly charge which is a deal breaker.

However, if you can look past all these problems, Vector Security is a good choice with its offerings and services.

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