Vivint Security Review – As Good As People Say?

Vivint Security’s History

Safety and security are our priorities when it comes to our home and family. Having equipment that alerts us to anything suspicious definitely places our mind at ease. After a lot of researching regarding security systems, you may find yourself acquainted with Vivint Smart Home.

Don’t be fooled by all the nice reviews it’s got on the website. Focus more on researching real experiences on forums. Now, let’s look at how Vivint has made its name and reputation.

Vivint Security’s History and Reputation

APX Alarm Security Solutions, which rebranded as Vivint after signing a $565 million financing agreement with Goldman Sachs in 2011, started back in 1992 with its base station in Provo, Utah. Back then, it was only a company that sold home security equipment. As 2006 rolled along, Vivint started offering home monitoring and security packages.

Vivint has provided its services to homeowners across North America, Canada, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand. Since partnering with Space Monkey (a cloud storage startup), and acquiring the Smartrove, it has been able to supply a strong and stable network.

It offers packages that are very high priced than others in the market. Also, the equipment being provided is considered to be top-notch and extremely reliable.

Vivint Smart Home Security is not a BBB accredited company. If you take a look at the site, it has a C rating, and shows that there are 4,153 Vivint Smart Home complaints. Out of 831 customer reviews, 69% is negative.

What makes everyone so mad at Vivint? Aside from the seemingly unbreakable contract, horrible customer service also takes part of the negative reviews.

In other apparent reviews, customer service has been called rude and unprofessional. Many customers do not receive the assistance they need, as well as get swindled into purchasing a new addition to the package which “would help solve the problem”.

Plan Pricing and Services

Though Vivint highly advises customers to contact them for other packages (one that caters exactly to your space), it offers basic plans that you can start with.

PlansBasic Home SecurityEnergy ManagementHome Automation
Installation Fee$99.00$149.00$199.00
Monthly Fee (Starts at)$53.99$59.99$69.99
Main FeaturesGives you the ability to arm and disarm your home using the smart app, and 2-way communication with base operations office.Vivint aims to regulate your energy consumption using Z-waves. This enables you to control your utilities remotely as well.This gives you the freedom to control your appliances remotely from your phone or laptop.
EquipmentLCD Control Panel

3 Door/Window Sensors

1 Motion Detector

1 Key Fob

Has the inclusions of the Basic Package + 1 smart thermostat, and 1 appliance controller.Has the inclusions of the Energy package + 1 video camera, and 1 automatic door lock.

There are a lot more items and add-ons to choose from. You can add smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at $120 each. Appliance Controls can also be added at $39 each, while additional cameras come in at $149 each.

The great thing about this is that Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on the items included in your package. If you experience any malfunctions, just give it a call and it’ll have replacements sent at no extra cost.

You would need to contact Vivint for an exact monitoring fee. The prices stated above are only for the exact packages. Prices may change depending on your add-ons and other preferences. Once these prices have been set and written in the contract, they will not change for the duration of 42 months.

Top Tips for Buyers

In purchasing the equipment and signing the Vivint contract, make sure you are ready for all the possible outcomes within the next 42 months.

Do not be fooled by the free equipment or the promise of a lower monthly fee for the first 6 months. You will either have faulty items at hand, or a horrible time dealing with customer service and billing.

Read the contract 3 times over. Make sure that all the prices and equipment details are in writing. Any free equipment or free monthly fees should be placed in the contract.

If you have sales representatives offering you the service at your door, have patience. Many customers have found the reps to be rude, pushy, and aggressive. Don’t sign any contracts without having a day or two to think about it.

Once decided on having the system installed, have someone watch over the installation. Learn how to fix it as well to avoid calling tech support and service.

Go over the transfer, and cancellation policy. Make sure that the contract has all the information discussed and agreed upon.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Vivint Smart Home Security offers to monitor your home 24/7 for the next 42 months. If you decide that the system does not fit your needs, you have 3 days from initial installation to cancel the contract at no cost. If you lapse the 3-day period, you will need to pay the remaining amount of the said contract upfront. The cancellation policy is one of the main causes of negative Vivint Home Security reviews.

Vivint suggests that you reinstall the same system if ever you plan to move or change your address. If you have equipment worth over $60 then it is highly recommended. Transferring and reinstalling your Vivint Smart Security system at no cost is only possible if you have been a customer of the company for at least a year.

It also requires you to sign a new contract with the same terms and conditions. Take note that if you do this and sign the new contract, that would mean restarting the 42-month period.

In the event that you would like to move and just leave the Vivint Security system for the new inhabitants of the house, the new homeowners must qualify and provide a $99 transfer fee payment.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Caters to equipment that helps you save on energy and efficiently monitor your appliance usage.
  • Has 24/7 monitoring and easy access via the Vivint smart app.
  • Though some items in the package are plug-and-play, personnel will still explain the uses of each item upon installation.
  • Has been strict with its lifetime warranty policy.


  • Expensive upfront fees and monthly fees.
  • Unreasonable cancellation timeframe for the first time security customers, failure in cancellation requests, and expensive cancellation fees.
  • Plenty of bad reviews and has gone through settling 4 lawsuits in the past 5 years.
  • If you purchase from a door-to-door seller or advertiser, installation takes place without providing the contract. (Also, really shady and pushy hard-selling.)

In the past 2 years, Vivint has been reported to the Better Business Bureau due to faulty systems, unprofessional customer service, and illegal door-to-door selling. You may want to consider these comments prior to purchasing your system.

Don’t be discouraged though, some people have been with Vivint and have good experiences with the system.

It’s just all a matter of good judgment and choices.

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