Xfinity Security Review – An All-in-One Solution?

Xfinity Security Review—All-in-One

Apart from dependable and reliable security, we also seek convenience. This is why many security companies also employ and use other services to entice customers. Examples of these include home automation and the inclusion of other sensors.

However, one company takes this convenience one step further. Comcast, being a veteran in the industry, uses the convenience of a single bill for internet, cable, and security. And this is what makes them an interesting contender.

Despite this, the company is plagued with complaints from its customers. Let’s check them out with our Comcast Xfinity Home Security review.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security’s History and Reputation

Founded in 1963, Comcast started out as a cable company. Changes in the demands of the modern world pushed them to venture into internet services. Eventually, the company pursued home security as well. In 2010, Comcast unveiled Xfinity as its platform for technology.

The company doesn’t serve the entire United States. However, in the places that it serves, you can expect a strong and reliable service.

This is because of the way Xfinity bundles its services together for convenience—internet, cable, and home security. Its security devices require high-speed internet to function properly, something that the company can provide. The combination of these two makes Xfinity’s service a strong contender.

This also puts the company in the expensive side, as the security needs to be paired with other services to be the most cost-efficient.

Although Comcast is a well-established company, it has yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. In the same site, the company receives a whopping 65% negative reviews.

To date, Comcast Xfinity has about 30,812 complaints listed in BBB which were closed in the last three years. Most of the complaints were with the product, services, and billing.

It’s also been dubbed as the “Worst Company in America” by The Consumerist in 2010 and 2014. The company also became a runner-up of the said distinction in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2013. The award was determined by the results of a reader poll.

Plan Pricing and Services

Unlike other companies, Comcast Xfinity offers only one home security plan. This is bundled along with other plans such as internet and cable services.

Dubbed the Xfinity Home Secure, the plan offers basic equipment and features.

PlanMonthly FeeEquipmentFeatures
Xfinity Home Secure$24.99 to $39.99touchscreen controller, 3 door/window sensors, 1 wireless keypad, 1 motion sensor24/7 professional monitoring, Xfinity Home App remote arm/disarm, real-time notifications

Xfinity charges a one-time professional installation fee of $59.99, as per one of its sales representatives. These monthly fees are sometimes discounted during the first year of the contract and then increase during the second year. It depends if the company is offering promos when you buy.

If the equipment and features are a little too bare for you, don’t worry. Xfinity has a lot more up its sleeves when it comes to home security. The company also offers add-ons—both for equipment and features.

You have the option of adding a 24/7 video recording feature. This comes together with an indoor/outdoor camera. There are two choices you have regarding the purchase of a camera:

  • An indoor/outdoor camera alone for $199.95 each
  • An indoor/outdoor camera with the 24/7 video recording feature at $99.95 (for the camera) and a $9.95 increase in your monthly payment per camera. This means that if you purchase two cameras, you’ll pay an additional $19.90 per month on top of the base rate.

The 24/7 video recording feature allows you to rewind and store up to 10 days’ worth of footage.

Another equipment that Xfinity offers is the door/window sensor. The price depends on how many of these sensors you want to buy.

EquipmentOne PieceThree PiecesFive Pieces
Door/Window Sensor$49.95$129.95$199.95

Other additional equipment that you can customize are the following:

  • Motion sensors and outlet controllers at $49.95 each
  • Zen thermostat controller sold at $99.99 each

Xfinity is one unique company as it provides services for a variety of third-party appliances and devices you may have in your home. They are called the “Works with Xfinity” devices and are the following:

  • August Smart Locks
  • Kwikset SmartCode door locks
  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ garage door openers
  • Cor, ecobee, Nest, and Zen thermostats
  • GE (Jasco) and Lutron Caseta wireless light switches and dimmers
  • Philips and Sengled LED light bulbs

One of the company’s selling points is its ability to set up rules for automation. You could set rules in the app or through a desktop portal. An example of a rule is the system sending a notification when the front door is still unlocked at a specified time.

All equipment is covered by limited warranty which is in effect for the first 30 days after installation. It renews itself every month for the duration of the contract. This means that your devices are protected while you’re in a contract with Xfinity.

This warranty, however, doesn’t cover “Works with Xfinity” devices.

Top Tips for Buyers

Comcast Xfinity will run a credit check on you to determine if you’re able to pay. It requires your Social Security Number (SSN) for this.

Installation, prices, and plans vary by location as mentioned by one of its sales representatives. Check the website’s “check availability” option to confirm if the plan you want is available in your area.

The company’s contract runs at an average 24-month period. The contract auto-renews after the initial agreement ends. However, if you don’t agree to the extended contract, you may cancel it without paying cancelation fees.

To save you money, the company allows you to use and upgrade any old security devices you have from a previous company. However, this will still be determined by the installer and any device incompatible with the system will not be covered.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

You are entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the products or services. You won’t be charged with any early termination fees during this period.

After the first 30 days, however, the company imposes an early termination fee. This fee starts out at $660 and goes down every month.

Nearing the end of the contract, you need to return the equipment 10 days earlier than the expiration date. If you don’t, the company charges a $9.95 monthly penalty on the leased equipment.

You may transfer the contract to a third party, although Comcast isn’t clear about this. In the site forums, a user suggested that account cancellation may not be needed. Instead, you and whoever you want to transfer your contract to should check with Comcast. A credit check may be needed.

Also, as Comcast doesn’t serve the entire country, you may have to end the contract before you can move to areas it doesn’t serve. This means you’ll be subjected to early termination fees.

However, if you’re moving to areas that it serves, Xfinity offers Movers Edge to help you move. This involves setting a date to stop and continue services and choosing whether you need a technician to install the devices or not. Moving is free except for the use of a technician for the devices which Xfinity offers at $25.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Convenient as internet, cable, and home security are rolled into one bill
  • Ability to set rules to automate
  • Works with third-party devices and appliances
  • Works with preexisting security devices


  • Doesn’t serve the entire USA
  • Lack of offered equipment
  • Limited warranty as opposed to the lifetime warranties offered by other companies
  • Large number of complaints and bad customer experience

With the huge amount of Comcast alarm system complaints, it might discourage you from considering the company. Do remember though, that Comcast Xfinity isn’t the only company that faces these sorts of complaints.

However, if you live in an area where the company’s presence is strong and you’re in need of a reliable home security option coupled with internet and cable services, Xfinity is a definite game changer.

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